Choline on the Brain? A Guide to Choline in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Blood work

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by perovyscus, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. perovyscus


    If you have insurance and a willing doctor, you might be able to get half these tests done before insurance chomps. I'm not sure what Lerner et al. uses but I put a lot of research into these tests.

    Always stop medications, if you can, 5 half-lives before your test. It's nil-nil if you don't.

    Since two people have asked already, here are the tests I've had:


    If you are male, you can add testosterone, LH and FSH.

    If curious about your plasma neurotransmitter state, you might find you have high norepinephrine and low dopamine. More than likely, this occurs because most "CFS" patients are hypocortisolemic, and more norepinephrine than dopamine must be produced to activate the adrenal glands. Dopamine has a tendency to reduce cortisol output (ie selegiline, a dopamine agonist, is used for high cortisol in dogs).

    Free t3 and t4 are the only relevant tests. TSH can be all over the place.

    Those are ones a good PCP doctor will test if you ask.

    Now, here are the tests I've had that I recommend (I've made some mistakes, like getting a CEA, CRP because they are just too broad).

    Serum protein electrophoresis = good cancer screen, immune abnormalities

    Thyroid Antibodies Test = tests all thyroid antibodies

    ACTH stimulation = for hypocortisolism

    DHEA = if you are low, it's a good thing to supplement

    Anticardiolipin Ab= obscure, to make sure I didn't have a more defined illness

    Anti-DSDNA Abs = obscure, to make sure I didn't have a more defined illness

    Aldosterone = for possible fludrocortisone supplementation

    Prolactin= for possible prolactinoma

    Allergy Testing = self-explanatory NOT FOOD, that science hasn't been worked out yet

    Lyme - Duh


    Mycoplasma pneu

    Tumor Necrosis Factor inflammatory molecule (drug target)

    IL-6 inflammatory molecule (drug target)

    Natural Killer Cell Short NKCs kill pathogens

    T and B Cells gives you an idea if a treatment will work

    Anemia low iron causes fatigue

    Fibrinogen to exclude clotting disorders

    Tissue transglutaminase to exclude celiac

    STD panel w/ AIDS it's been awhile, but yes.

    RF Rheumatoid arthritis predictor

    RPR to exclude syphilis/lupus

    Creatine Kinase Muscle pain

    CMV and HHV if you are up for valcyte

    All of these just exclude major problems. They may not bring you any more towards a solution.

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