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Blood test help

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by MAOAr297r, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. MAOAr297r

    MAOAr297r Senior Member

    Hey everybody,

    I got about $10k of blood test back from my molecular medicine MD/PhD physician and many things are messed up. He unfortunately does not call me for a week to explain what they mean and what needs to be done. I'm just sitting here with pages of tests but can't fully understand them. I'm curious as hell in the mean time. Can you guys perhaps lend some thoughts as to what someone of these things could mean? I'd highly appreciate any veterans who would lend a thought or two. Here are a few things. Thank you!

    -Eosinophil protein X / Eosinophil derived neurotoxin was elevated dramatically into the red

    -Zonulin was elevated a fair deal into the red (maybe leaky gut?)

    -CD57 was literally 11 (standard range 60-360)...I have had many lyme test (some though igenex, advance labs, RED labs,etc) and all were neg...what the heck could this mean if anything?

    -hs-C reactive protein was elevated in the red

    -Kynurenic acid was 20 times too high...

    -Quinolininc acid was elevate in to the red

    -Prostaglandine E2 was elevated in to the red range.
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  2. Thinktank

    Thinktank Senior Member

    This is my basic understanding of the tests you had done:

    Eosinophil protein X - This can be elevated with food allergies and parasitic infections. In my case it was elevated due to allergies. Strange that he ordered that test for you. I did the same test with Genova diagnostics in 2013 and after showing it to KDM he told me it was nonsense.

    Zonulin - This has to do with the leaky gut indeed. Increased zonulin in stool might indicate increased intestinal hyperpermeability. Did you not have CD14 tested?
    Certain bacteria can also increase zonulin.

    CD57 - I would take that test with a grain of salt. I've seen it low in healthy people too. The low CD57 = lyme is total nonsense.

    CRP - This indicates increased inflammation, often increased in autoimmune diseases and bacterial infections.
    This is the ONLY validated test you have posted about.

    Kynurenic acid, quinonilinic acid have to do with "neurotoxins", i wouldn't stress about it too much.

    PGE2 - This prostaglandin is often seen as inflammatory.
  3. pattismith

    pattismith Senior Member

    Hello Mao,

    At first glance, your results are matching with a chronic infection/inflammation.

    Is CD57 related to lymphocytes expressing CD57 ?

    It seems to be a positive immune reaction to fight chronic infection:

    "While CD57 expression on human lymphocytes indicates an inability to proliferate, these cells also display high cytotoxic potential, and CD57(pos) NK cells exhibit both memory-like features and potent effector functions. Accordingly, frequencies of CD57-expressing cells in blood and tissues have been correlated with clinical prognosis in chronic infections or various cancers and with human aging. Functional modulation of senescent CD57(pos) T-cells and mature CD57(pos) NK cells may therefore represent innovative strategies for protection against human immunological aging and/or various chronic diseases."
  4. MAOAr297r

    MAOAr297r Senior Member

    Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure if the CD57 is related to lymphocytes expressing it. I agree very much with your statement though. The odd thing is with all that said I've been tested for everything in the book infection wise and I haven't fond a scrap of anything. To me it makes me wondering if I'm dealing with autoimmunity at this point..
  5. Learner1

    Learner1 Forum Support Assistant

    Pacific Northwest
    In the bright side, seems like you have something going on that might eventually be diagnosible and treatable, if some doctor can figure it out.

    There are a lot of infections that don't get tested for, and even if you've been tested, they may not be accurate for some reason or interpreted correctly. It took multiple tests of different types over 18 months to find I actually had EBV...

    For autoimmunity, attached is a list patients here have collected.

    Have you had a recent DNA stool test?

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