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Bififlor forte and B12

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Iris Huld Halldorsdottir, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Iris Huld Halldorsdottir

    Iris Huld Halldorsdottir

    Hello I was ordering bififlor forte on the internet and it takes a few days to ship to Iceland. Is this something that need to be kept in refrigdirator. Will it be okey when I will receive it. And if not can I just buy some probiotics. Another thing I got prescribtions for b12 10 mg 2x a week and we just got 1mg here in my country. Also I have been on methylation cycle for to years and my b vitamin is 740 wich is too high. I really dont think I need this much b12. What is it supposed to do. I have high b12 now and always tired so I dont see the point taking so much. Please comment on this and tell me if I am wrong.
  2. helen1

    helen1 Senior Member

    I'm assuming you mean your B12 is 740. First of all, 740 is not that high. Also, a number of people on this forum including me, have found they are deficient at the cellular level, even though their serum levels may be high. One reason for this can be an inability to transport B12 into the cells, often due to a lack of lithium. Some people take lithium orotate (not the same form as the lithium used for bipolar illness) in small amounts such as 5-10 mg to deal wiith this.

    If you have symptoms of B12 deficiency, and there are many, or if your methylmalonic levels are high, and/or your MCV (mean corpuscule volume) is high, you are deficient in B12 and need to supplement. Several forum members have tried to find upper limits for serum B12 or for supplementing and have not found one. In other words, you can't go wrong by supplementing with B12.

    Wishing you well.
  3. Iris Huld Halldorsdottir

    Iris Huld Halldorsdottir

    Thank you for your reply I dont know alot about this. I will then have my b12 shots in a smaller amounts. Im gonna try this lithium orotate next time I order from iherb.
  4. snowathlete


    I'd ask your doc why he says you need the high dose if you think you already have a high level; my guess is he has a good reason. I am on the same as you. I think it is to support your liver while you undergo treatment, more than as part of a methylation protocol, but i havent asked and i could be wrong.
    Both will keep outside the fridge, but i think the b12 doesnt like too much heat.
  5. dece


    a bit late but in case this might be helpful to someone...

    I am being treated by the same doc as you :)
    The b12 is not for deficiency, he uses it to scavenge (neutralise) NO (nitric oxide). the dosage & form he prescribes are required in order to achieve this effect...
    The b12 shots can be ordered in a belgian pharmacy without a script. There are online pharmacies who ship abroad...

    bififlor does not need refrigerating, nor does b12.
    but in summertime best to keep both in fridge.
    i also think the b12 does not like light (i keep mine in the fridge, in carton box in order to be safe) :)


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