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Australian ME/CFS Good Doctor List

Discussion in 'Patient Data Repository & Treatment Review Project' started by Melodie, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Melodie

    Melodie Guest

    Please add any ME/CFS specialists you see or doctors who are good with ME/CFS patients. To add to page go to edit at top.


    Find a doctor with membership of the Aust College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in your state here:

    South Australia
    Dr John Graham (Physician, Therapist, CFS specialist)
    Dr Allan Gale (Allergist, Immunologist)
    Dr Richard Burnet (Endocrinologist, CFS specialist) Royal Adelaide Hospital
    Dr Kerry Callagham (GP, CFS specialist) (ex CFS sufferer)
    Dr Ian Buttfield (Specialist in chronic illness and M.E/CFS treatment)
    Dr Kathleen Maros (GP, CFS specialist) Adelaide (her son had ME)
    Julie Peacock (Physiotherapist) Marion (she's given talks at the SA ME/CFS society) 858 Marion Rd, Marion SA 5043 (08) 8296 7594

    Western Australia
    Blake Graham (Nutritionist)

    Dr Garry Deed GP Specialises CFS, autism, Gives IV/IM Supplements, Brisbane, Cooparoo Ph 07 3421 7488
    Dr Neville Blomely (Mt Gravatt and Indooropilly)
    Dr Ruth Cilento GP (Bracken Ridge) Interest in CFS Ph: 07 3269 4131
    Dr Scott Phipps GP (Buddina) Interest in CFS Ph: 07 5444 1522
    Veronica Griffin, Nutritionist, Interest in CFS/MCS, gives IV/IM Supplements, heavy metal detox Ph: 07 4095 2722
    Dr Catherine Bartholomew GP, Interest in CFS/FMS, gives IV/IM Supplements Ph: 07 3262 5227 Clayfield
    Dr Pat Brady GP, Interest in CFS/FMS/IBS food intollerances, heavy metal problems Gives IV/IM vitamins/minerals Does Chelation Therapy Ph: 07 3421 7488 Coorparoo
    Dr Valerie Cole GP, Interest in CFS/FMS, IV/IM Supplements, Chelation Ph: 07 5562 5333 Robina List of GPs who are members of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

    New South Wales
    Dr Mark Donohoe Nutritional and Environmental Expert, CFS/MCS specialist, Sydney His CFS page is
    Dr Ludka Berkowski GP, Holistic/complementary/alternative Suite 6A/77 Albert Ave. Chatswood, 02 9410 0764, 02 9410 1590,
    (It appears that Dr Berkowski is no longer practicing).

    Dr Nicole Phillips Psychiatrist in private practice, Melbourne. Women's mental health issues, and also CFS
    Dr Donald Lewis GP CFS specialist in Melbourne
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  2. Melodie

    Melodie Guest

    Tania's Notes from the first Good Doctor page:

    Dr Mark Donohoe (what state is he in?) Donohoes CFS page is at

    throwing the following from the Aussie thread here to be put up later (need food!!!) so i can find the info easy again.

    Found a Dr here on the Gold Coast David a naturopath after 35 yrs of doing drug type medicine. He has been doing the Methylation Medicare but only $50 a visit......dont have to see him, as he does Ph consults and writes you a very big report with results of Metametrix US tests, emails them to you.......not out for money in any way. I was going great guns with him till I took a drug and stuffed my liver. My friend is just fantastic. Another is just out of bed after yrs. Does the b12 thing plus its co factors. When I went he said why did it take me so long to find him. He has cancer but still treating while doing his own therapy.....chemo. Paradise Pt 07 55 775690 He makes his own compounds friend was deficient in 33 nutrietnts, but me about 7. The urine test alone telld him most of what he wants to know, but I did all 3 and am glad. Everyone who goes is impressed with him ...... has been treating Autism/ CFS for 15 yrs....knows all about the gut too.
  3. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Seeing heapsreal linked this to something he posted, I guess we should update this.

    Wow, only 4 years ago and half of those are gone. Ive lost so many specialists since then!!

    Dr John Graham no longer practises. Retired (he had stroke)
    Dr Ian Buttfield no longer practices. Retired as a dr (I think he's thou working with the hospitals on MCS eduction)
    Dr Kerry Callagham no longer practices. (Died if my memory serves me right)

    Dr Richard Burnet no longer in Adelaide and is out bush.. Pt Augusta or Whyalla way last I heard (for all I know, he may be retired now too).

    Dr Allen Gale, he's an allergist who has some ME/CFS patients so good for anyone to see who has food related issues. He's still practicing but for how much longer who knows, he's really aging and wasnt in a good way when I saw him last recently.
    New ones to go on that list

    There is an older doctor ME/CFS doctor at the Queen Elizabeth hospital currently heading a research study). He's thou a rhematologist. Dr Richard Kwitek? (sorry cant remember last name but something like that). He's originally from one of the other Aussie states so more up with things then other of the other doctors I'd previously seen but he's main speciality I think may be FM. No idea if he's consulting while he's heading up the ME/CFS research study?

    Dr David Mitchell at Waterful Gully wasnt on the original list. He's great for finding new things from tests but has a tough attitude and is expensive but I do recommend him for testing. (He also specialises in MTHFR if you have that mutation).

    We do have a very nice lyme specialist in SA who may be suitable for ME/CFS patients, Dr Belinda Coyte.
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  4. Senior Member

    Bega Valley , Australia
    Digging this up.

    Any in Canberra ?

    (Even closer to Bega would be good ).
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