Choline on the Brain? A Guide to Choline in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Article: The Ampligen Supremacy

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Phoenix Rising Team, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Phoenix Rising Team

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  2. Lisette

    Lisette Frida For All

    Seattle, WA
    Hi, Kelvin

    I had my own "Bourne" moment a few years ago in the form of a Mark Twain passage. I forget now which supplement or treatment had suddenly crumpled in on its promises.

    I didn't want to believe it, but as I was reading "Tom Sawyer" to my daughter one day, that's when I decided, "no more of this." Hope you enjoy it, and if it upsets anyone, then please remember, it's Mark Twain, and that's what he does, and it's meant in fun. Best wishes on your Ampligen Ultimatum. :) Lisette

    Aunt Polly "was concerned. She began to try all manner of remedies on [Tom]. She was one of those people who are infatuated with patent medicines and all new-fangled methods of producing health or mending it. She was an inveterate experimenter in these things. When something fresh in this line came out she was in a fever, right away, to try it; not on herself, for she was never ailing, but on anybody else that came in handy.

    She was a subscriber for all the "Health" periodicals and phrenological frauds; and the solemn ignorance they were inflated with was breath to her nostrils. All the "rot" they contained about ventilation, and how to go to bed, and how to get up, and what to eat, and what to drink, and how much exercise to take, and what frame of mind to keep one's self in, and what sort of clothing to wear was all gospel to her, and she never observed that her health-journals of the current month customarily upset everything they had recommended the month before."
  3. slayadragon

    slayadragon Senior Member

    That's a great quote, Lisette. :)

    Best, Lisa
  4. Navid

    Navid Senior Member

    thanks for sharing, this is great. good reminder that what we are faced with is ages old.

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