Choline on the Brain? A Guide to Choline in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Article: Report - CFS Will Be on CBS National News Feb 23rd with Katie Couric and Nancy Klimas

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Phoenix Rising Team, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Enid

    Enid Senior Member

    Brilliant work again Cort, thanks so much for keeping us all informed. Personally I always felt that the "something" should have been found at spinal tap stage - before years of illness.
  2. It might be a good idea to keep a list of the really informative articles.
  3. pine108kell

    pine108kell Senior Member

    Better than nothing, but a missed opportunity for CBS to really report the devestation and neglect of this disease, not that this woman is "always breaking things".

    Also, why did the study compare the results with those having Lyme disease, another disease with a troubling history of diagnosis/neglect and overlap with CFS? Who determined which patients had Lyme and which had CFS? There is no good test for Lyme either, and some with CFS probably have Lyme too, so this is a problem.

    Nevertheless, I have to admit that the most important aspect is the difference with normal controls. Also, if the report is correct, there were differences between Lyme and CFS so it would be interesting to know more about the methodology.
  4. Martlet

    Martlet Senior Member

    Near St Louis, MO
    I really hoped for more. A brief "It isn't all in their heads because they have proteins" would be meaningless to the in-law who told me to "try positive thinking," so I don't think it educated the public and we are already educated on biomarkers, not to mention, as Otis says, that there are biomarkers aplenty all over the bodies of PWCs. Like crimson crescents, fever, lymph glands, and with fibro, palpable nodules under the skin ... and that's without running a single test. So... disappointed and definitely in the "better than nothing" camp.
  5. ixchelkali

    ixchelkali Senior Member

    Long Beach, CA
    Thanks for the reminder and for making it easy by providing the links. Thank you's sent.
  6. free at last

    free at last Senior Member

    After all the bad things of late Cort ( we know what they are ) this is really exciting news, and as suggested if validated, then answers as to what is causing the inflamation will surely get funding.

    I suspect its viral inflamation of somekind, as most will suspect. but answers will be surely looked for as a next step after these findings.

    wouldnt it be something if lipkin found XMRV ila sing too. phase 3 goes well for the WPI, and the two models were merged into a Explanation.

    This good news has really come at a crucial time, because if XMRV fails, but this does not, then at least researchers around the world will still be keen to get involved in ME/CFS research, and will likely take the sting away if XMRV does somehow fall.

    The likes of Wessley reeves ect will have another problem on there hands, if the other one goes in there favour. Cant thank CBS and the researchers enough for this little glimmer of light, and hope for patients around the world. we surely needed some, and its looking like we just might have it.

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