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are people with ME/CFS a risk for pregnant women

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Pearl, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Pearl

    Pearl Guest

    I need your help please.

    My urgent question is this: is there any risk for a pregnant women to come together with people with CFS.

    I’m diagnosed having CFS since 20 years (or maybe another chronic illness; getting a clear diagnosis is very difficult in Europe).

    My daughter-in-law is pregnant with her first child and we will meet next days. May I hug her?

    Does anyone know what is advised? Or a link where I can read how to behave?

    Thank you very much in advance

    and a merry Christmas to all the people on Phönix Rising,

  2. Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards "Gibberish"

    As far as I know the only suggestion of being infectious in the context of CFS/ME is during the initial spread of a viral infection right at the start - which for you would be 20 years ago. I cannot see any reason to worry about any problem now.
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  3. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    Hi Pearl, I don't believe there is any need to worry - no possibility of transmission from casual contact as far as I can tell - well I have never heard of it or come across it.

    I have had 4 children since being ill and only one of those has become ill later on. My husband also has never become ill and these are INTIMATE relationships.

    I have hugged many friends and family members in this time and do not belive any of them have been at risk from me ever.
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  4. Pearl

    Pearl Guest

    @ Jonathan Edwards,

    @ Justy

    thank you very much for your speedy and helpful answers!
    So I’m relieved.

    I’m so grateful that this forum exists, for the possibility to ask questions and for all the people who contribute their knowledge and their experiences.

    Thank you.

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