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Anyone with Bell's Palsy around time of CFS onset?

Discussion in 'Neurological/Neuro-sensory' started by bobdds, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. bobdds


    I developed dramatic symptom onset of CFS when I developed Bell's Palsy in 1997 and have been in bad shape since then. I have seen some folks with BP discuss fatigue but haven't noticed anyone reporting this as a chronic sequela. I found it interesting that some HIV patients apparently experience Bell's Palsy at time of seroconversion.

    Just thought I would throw out the topic to see if I was missing something someone else has experienced.

    I am new to forums so I may not have posted this in the right place...apologies for ignorance.
  2. George

    George waitin' fer rabbits

    South Texas
    Hi Bobdds

    Welcome to the forums and just so ya know ya did great!

    My onset was October 5th 2006. I woke up suddenly and couldn't move anything except for my eyes. It was the scariest 22 minutes of my life. I was finally able to move my legs and arms enough to swing my body out of bed and fall on the floor, crawl into the next room and call my ex-husband and call in sick to work. It never occurred to me to call the ambulance, go figure.

    The doctor originally thought I had a stroke but that turned out to be incorrect and later he said the sagging on the right side of my body, might be bells palsy he wasn't sure. The sagging was especially bad on the right eye and jaw making it hard to speak and chew. It did resolve itself after about three months but my right side, which was dominate, has never recovered the strength or coordination pre onset.
  3. floydguy

    floydguy Senior Member

    Bell's Palsy is also seen as a marker for Lyme Disease. It's right up there with the red circular rash as a symptom.
  4. FunkOdyssey

    FunkOdyssey Senior Member

    Yep, red flag for neurological Lyme (not that other things can't also cause it though).

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