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Anyone else not notice getting too hot?

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Skippa, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Skippa

    Skippa Anti-BS

    I sometimes overheat for no apparent reason ("cor, anyone else think it's getting hot? Nope, just me then").

    And cold ditto.

    But, lately, I think I've been overheating but don't get the usual signs that normally lead one to remove a layer of clothing or whatever. Minimal sweat, and no "prickly" skin or discomfort. I normally remove some clothing for another reason (no, not what you're thinking ;) ) or go for a shower and then "realise" just how hot I was.

    I can also develop what I can only guess is some sort of heat rash on my abdomen (only comes when I've overheated) although anti-histamines cause this to disappear again, strangely.

    I recently spent half a day lying on the beach, feeling that it was super hot, my skin was burning away, yet I was totally comfortable and didn't see any reason to get out of the sun (in contrast, in the past I've only managed 10 - 30 minutes in full sun before realising I'm super knackered and overheated and running for shade).

    That evening I crashed beyond belief, couldn't get cool, got all the signs of heatstroke, felt awful for a couple of days (also led to loads of GI discomfort).

    Anyone else can relate, or guess what is going on? It's like I have to guess and use logic to deduce whether I'm too hot, 'cos the usual signs seem to have gone away.

    Ps, anyone know of any infections of any type that reactivate when body temp or environment rises? (a bit concerned about this intermittent rash).

    Thanks for any inputs :)
  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    You having a lot of neurological issues too? I had that symptom back when I had a lot more neurological problems going on (but was physically less restricted then I are now).

    It was very dangerous the dr told me I had to be very careful after the followig incident. One day I went to a friends place and when I found she wasnt home, I laided down on her lawn in full sun to wait for her get home and fell asleep there.

    What I was completely unaware of was that it was a something like a 41C (106F) day and I also was wearing a jumper. I just thought it was a coolish day. She got home about 20mins later and was completely horrified to find me laying out in the sun like this in what was a heat wave I was completely unaware of.

    It makes me wonder how many ME patients have actually killed themselves with the heat. If my friend hadnt come home and found me there, I probably would of ended up dead. Take care. My doctor told me I could of died.

    Thing is I had bee feeling cold!! (hence why I was wearing a jumper on a scorching day) Feeling cold at one point was an ongoing issue for me... like cold coming from my very core itself and throu me, external heat couldnt touch the cold. Fortunately I do not have that symptom any more.

    edit. I forgot to add that I was getting back then an on and off rash, usually on my chest but sometimes in other places too eg the abdomen. I do not get that rash now either.

    Nowdays I do have periods where I dont notice Im getting too warm (which now happens at not all that hot temps eg Im to hot at 26C nowdays) but its not the same issue that I used to have.

    Nowdays I just dont notice it at times not cause of my body being unable to feel the heat (like in the past) but just cause my brain isnt always with it and if other things are going on and Im distracted in some way. I may not notice that Im getting to hot till I suddenly notice and by that time I can be very hot, so panic cause Im close to a faint re POTS, as Ive got too hot without having paid attention to this building up
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  3. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    I don't know if this is any help to you but I usually feel too hot. This started around the time I stopped sweating - about 15 years ago.

    The heat sensation seems to come from my torso area and spine. It radiates out. Usually it's quite a subtle but constant sensation. If it occurs at night it stops me from sleeping.

    At the same time if I check my legs and arms they can feel quite cold in comparison. There is a corresponding but small rise in my temperature if I check it with a thermometer.

    There are two circumstances I can see cause this but sometimes it is simply unexplained. The first cause is simple overheating due to too many blankets in bed and it's to do with a lack of temperature control. I can get into bed feeling cold, pile on an extra blanket. get the really hot feeling and although I remove the blanket I feel too hot all night. This happens on hot, sunny days as well I get hotter and hotter unless I can get into a area with air con or take cold baths.

    The other time it occurs is if I have a sinus infection. Regardless of how light my clothing or bed clothes I feel the same burning up type heat from my inner torso, stomach and spinal area.

    No rash for me unless I get sun exposure. Funny you mentioned GI problems with this. I had this the last time and am currently watching to see if this is consistent.
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  4. kangaSue

    kangaSue Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Sounds like you have sudomotor dysfunction in having hypohydrosis, another sign of autonomic dysfunction. Commonly occurs in those with Autonomic Neuropathy and can be either autoimmune or idiopathic in origin.

    QSART and TST autonomic function tests are used to diagnose this. They paint you in something which shows up your sweat pattern. I had only a dot of sweat on the top of both big toes after 1 hour in the special chamber heated to 40 Deg C.
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