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Anyone else have this experience after doctor visits?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by realjoy, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. realjoy


    Going to the doctor, especially the new rhuemy, wears me out. Before starting to see him 3 months ago, I had never had my 'trigger points' pressed. It hurts like hell, and continues to hurt in some spots (or burn) for up to an hour after. After I leave, I feel a combination of relief it's over, tired, and really tightly wound I need to run up a hill and then scream. Weird. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. flybro

    flybro Senior Member

    Thats exactly how I felt on my one and only visit when I was dx'd.

    I thought it was because the rheumy was a disinterested arrogant chauvinist though. LOL

    I was only in his office for 5 or 10 minutes before I walked out disgusted by his attitude and I have never returned.

    On the physical side I am worn out very quickly by hospital and Dr's visits, my pain levels increase and my patience goes out the window.

    I was dx'd with FM and MCS I beleive the multi-chemical-sensitvity agravates the FM symptoms.

    Members of my family are careful to put there clothes thru the wash without detergent or fabric conditioners, and they use a minimal amount of personal hygene products. This step means I am able to spend more time with them.

    The more products I am surrounded by the less time I have before i have to exclude myself due to ill health.
  3. camas

    camas Senior Member

    I just finished reading a book on triggers points in an attempt to learn how to fix my frozen shoulder. It said not to work the points too long or to do too many at a time because they do release toxins. Maybe your brain is reacting to this release of toxins? (Although I will say that most doctor visits leave me wanting to scream too!)
  4. SaraM

    SaraM Senior Member

    2 weeks of Difulcan took care of my painful trigger points and jaw. I do not know if this applies to every body, but my pain in those specific areas(not the muscle pain)was all due to yeast overgrowth. For the muscle pain S.Boulardii ,another anti candida supplement,has been helping me.Tests were are useless in my case.
  5. realjoy


    Nice to know it's not just me :) This doc is new...he's a rheumy. I had to go to him because of the disability app (they want to see a "specialists" opinion). I don' t like him very much...he is kind of wacky and doesn't really ever ask me questions about how I feel and has told me that he does not want to hear about my other non-FM issues (autoimmune thyroid, adrenal fatigue, etc). He also seems to be very skeptical of the fact that pain pills just do not work on's like taking a sugar pill to me. Anyway, I *hate* him pushing on my spots every single time!

    SaraM - I, too, did the yeast clearing program a few years ago. I took Diflucan for several weeks while eating an anti-yeast diet. I will say that beginning on day 3 of the program, my pain dropped by 80%! I also lost 40+ lbs during the two months I was on the program. Problem is that it's not something you can sustain long term. I also think with me it wasn't entirely yeast. I think taking all forms of sugar away did many things, including lowering my too-high testosterone (which in turn helped other pcos hormone issues) and also lead to reduced inflammation in the body. Being that I felt pain relief so quickly, it had to be sugar reduction (and therefore less inflammation) that is the key for me.
  6. Cattrina


    For me, I think that is more the case, reducing the things that feed the yeast which also reduces yeast endotoxins, reduces inflammation, and thus pain. Gentle massage of lymph glands is very helpful also for me but hurts like heck first before the relief. In a visit to my chiropractor he warned me that he was only going to do minimum adjustment as to not put me in total pain but pain was unbearable after regardless.
    Also, the docs cause me anxiety because they know so little and are shoving pills at me for a condition that they say doesn't exist. Anxiety uses so very much energy that I end up in a slump for days due to that alone even if the visit is without incident. A neurologist put me through an upper and lower EMG. Two weeks following I was absolutely immobilized with horrible pain and fatigue. Horrible! I try to stay away from all docs except my naturopath however he admits that he has done all that he can do and that is to keep me as healthy as possible but is otherwise over his head. After three years of anti yeast-low allergen diet and my fibro symptoms are rare. It is predominently the fatigue and post exertion pain that is disabling.
  7. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    Cattrina what is a EMG?, I've got an appt with a neurologist soon and don't really know what to expect.
  8. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    Everything wears me out, just the way we are. Since your appt. is for disability, perhaps depending upon the source of your funding, if he does not "rule" in a way you like. I beleive you could get seen by a different Dr. I saw a Rheumy for my diagnois of Fibro in Sept. of 2008, he was just about as useless as the Neurologist I saw for about 2 years due to my headaches and back pain. He just gave me the diagnosis of Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Which I guess is good for me now that I am trying to get my pain down as much as possible.

    I see Chiropractor Neurologist, and he seems to find all the sensitive spots on my back also! I would recommend some Trigger Point Injections (some place that knows how to do them) and if you can afford it some Myofascial Release treatments with a massage therapist! I had a flare up last fall and my back is feeling much better now, not 100 percent but big improvement from almost a year ago!

    Check out the Co-cure site for "good" drs.

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