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Ancestry dna or 23andme?

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by Jenny82, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Jenny82



    I've been reading these forums for a little while now and have found lots of interesting and helpful information so thank you all for that. Ive lived with mild CFS for 15years or so and mostly managed by just not overdoing it, daily naps and occasional supplements but as recently things started to deteriorate despite 'management' I've decide to see if I can push on with an actual recovery protocol. I'm also using myself as a test Guinea pig to see what might help my mother and sister who are both much much more seriously affected than me.

    I've had a Doctors data methylation test done and this has confirmed low SAMe and low SAH and high homocysteine so I'm hoping to work on improving my methylation so I was thinking of getting a SNP test done. I've noticed everyone seems to recommend the 23and me test but the Ancestry one is cheaper and on the face of it seems to test more SNPs? But maybe not the same ones or ones that are useful for understanding methylation or CFS? Does anyone know how compare able these tests are or which is the better one to do? I've read that they've both been updated recently as well with Amcestry having more and 23 having less?

    Any experience or insights would be much appreciated, thank you
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  2. Countrygirl

    Countrygirl Senior Member

    Organophosphates ;like malathion are a major cause of ME and it is why sheep farmers are so badly affected, I also fear for the animals who are given doses of it as flea treatment as they too can become ill and also get diagnosed with ME,

    Dr Anne Macintyre produced a documentary,now on youtube, about horses who had ME. They aren't the only animals who are known to be sick as dogs and cats are too, partly through their contaminated vaccines ( as was my little dog who the vet diagnosed as having severe ME following her third booster, which is the most dangerous, and some vets now speak out against it) and others through flee treatments.)

    Years ago reputable investigative journalists wrote excellent regular articles in the Sunday Telegraph and a comprehensive many- page-broad-sheet spread in the Guardian on this class of chemicals, along with organochlorines, causing serious health diseases and the silencing of those who tried to alert the medical and scientific professions. It was quickly hushed up to save the industry loss of revenue

    The London Hazard Centre wrote a full length book about it, although they concentrated on the wood preservatives used in homes that caused much ME and other neurological diseases and a number of deaths.
  3. Jenny82, I'm curious if you can remember specific times that you were exposed to Malathion, and how long after did you develop symptoms? I've used Malathion myself around the house — about 5 years before CFS symptoms. I haven't been tested for Malathion.
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  4. Countrygirl, super fascinating about the organophosphates. Will be researching them.
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  5. Jenny82


    That's very interesting about the pesticides I'll try and watch that documentary soon.

    Regarding Malathion, I'm in the uk and I believe it's been banned by the EU for a number of years although it did used to be commonly used here. Was there a reason you thought of that one in particular?

    Interestingly I think it was exposure to pesticides that triggered my CFS state as my mum recalls me getting bad chest infections as a child when crops near our house were sprayed and also an occasion when a high number of song birds were all dead in the fields from some kind of poisoning.

    I'll probably explore the pesticides connection and what if anything to do about it in another section of the forum sometime soon but in the meantime does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations regarding SNPs testing? Thanks
  6. Paralee

    Paralee Senior Member

    Jenny82, I'm very fed up with 23andme, especially since they expanded it and re-did their web site and what you can see and can't see now. It was bad enough before the expansion, but you could hit a snp and find some things out. A lot of the rs #'s with the rs's (sorry, I don't know the lingo) have been changed to make it harder for people that don't know how to find out a lot to the "I" #'s. They also don't seem to show a lot of really pathogens now.
    Just my impression, someone that knows how to understand things better might feel differently.

    I'm sorry but I don't know about the Ancestry one.
  7. Norwegianlad


    I just got my 23andme results back and they didnt test 11 out of 26 MTHFR genes..

    Here is my example:
    COMT V158M ++
    COMT H62H ++
    COMT P199P --
    VDR Bsm --
    VDR Taq ++
    MAO-A R297R (no call)
    ACAT1-02 (no call)
    MTHFR C677T ++
    MTHFR 03 P39P (no call)
    MTHFR A1298C --
    MTR A2756G +-
    MTRR A66G +-
    MTRR H595Y (no call)
    MTRR K350A --
    MTRR R415T --
    MTRR A664A (no call)

    BHMT-02 +-
    BHMT-04 (no call)
    BHMT-08 (no call)
    AHCY-01 (no call)
    AHCY-02 (no call)
    AHCY-19 (no call)
    CBS C699T +-
    CBS A360A (no call)
    CBS N212N (no call)
    SHMT1 C1420T +-

    Right now i'm looking for another way to get all the ''no call'' ones tested. This is why i wouldn't recommend 23andme to be honest. But i don't know how important the other genes are that weren't been testing and neither where you can get them tested..

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