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Amyloids, Amyloids - Alzheimer's (and CFS?)

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Cort, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    I think we should keep this in mind for when Baraniuk's proteome study gets published. He told me the news was good which suggests he duplicated his findings suggesting that Amyloids may be clogging up some blood vessels in CFS patients brains - puncturing them - causing small leaks into he surrounding tissues (and causing CFS?). Its a theory and it needs alot more validation but that's what the proteins in spinal fluid of CFS and FM patients suggested.

    Now they find that its not amyloid overproduction in Alzheimer's - its the inability of the system to remove normal amyloid production that is in play. This finding appears to be re-orienting the field. Dr. Baraniuk suggested this was a possibility in CFS and why not? If you really do have low blood flows - wouldn't that make it easier for the amyloids - which are produced naturally - to stick to the blood vessels more?

    They also think they've targeted the area of the brain these amyloids effect in Alz...There are alot of diseases CFS could and probably will piggyback on when they get closer to the source. If Amyloids are in play then, of course, they'll start looking at Alzheimer's...maybe the amyloids end up in a different part of the brain in CFS? I have no idea...but if they do show up its great there's all this research on Alzheimer's, a new research network...Imagine plugging into that!...

    Just imagine that it is amyloids in CFS and it is the waste disposal system but for some reason they are getting put somewhere else in the brains of CFS patients....They are figuring out how to fix the waste disposal system in Alzheimer's right now......Why wouldn't that work for CFS? Perhaps, naively, because everything is more complicated than we think - I would think you could fix CFS like that!

    They have developed new ways to search for amyloid plaques in the brain.. None of which has been applied to CFS.

    They even have a Dr. Bateman in the field...:)


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