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Adrenal Cortex Experience. Possible Breakthrough.

Discussion in 'Adrenal Dysfunction' started by Mikee5, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Mikee5


    I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue with confirmed low cortisol and DHEA (as well as mild secondary hypothyroidism). Ever since experiencing an acute adrenal crisis about 3 years ago, I have tirelessly supplemented and experimented with various types of minerals, nutrients and desiccated organs and glands, addressing both thyroid and adrenal issues. Each time I have supplemented with a recommended supplement, I immediately experience adverse effects, from aggravated adrenal symptoms to neurological symptoms. These are typically unpleasant and discouraging. I took a micro dose of T4 once and was plagued with uncomfortable head pressure for months. That's probably a good indication of how weak my adrenal glands are.

    However, I've never experimented with hydrocortisone or pure cortisol drugs because no doctor would acknowledge or diagnose me with adrenal fatigue or Addisons since my cortisol levels are not low enough and my symptoms not so severe.

    I was browsing through StopTheThyroidMadness website (I am not a representative and this is not their product) and adrenal cortex was suggested since the cortex does not contain the adrenaline and it isn't suppose to be stimulating.

    So I purchased it and I took a small 10g dose (1/5 of a capsule) and to no surprise, the typical symptoms surfaced. Head pressure, nausea, brain fog, fatigue. I took this at about 1 pm. Then an hour later I started feeling somewhat energetic, a little more than usual. I eventually started getting a little hyper and felt a little euphoric. This is how I imagine I should be feeling at my age as I'm only in my mid-20s, so I assumed that I wasn't stimulated and that my cortisol was really increasing. I was getting spontaneous erections (sorry, TMI), and was buzzing around the house. This lasted for an hour or two. I then felt the slump and a little more tired than usual. My spur of energy had never happened before when supplementing, it was probably the most hyper I've felt in a very, very long time. Adrenal glandulars, natural thyroid and licorice root would all induce debilitating fatigue, so I was a little excited.

    The early evening slump bothered me though, I felt worse than usual. I think that this may work, but spreading the dose throughout the day may be better (despite it being a very small dose). I also of course want to avoid it at night since I want to sleep.

    Any advice/opinions? I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm at least feeling a little hopeful, something I haven't felt in a very, very long time and these are results I've never experienced.

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  2. ahmo

    ahmo Senior Member

    Northcoast NSW, Australia
    You're making a distinction between adrenal glandulars and adrenal cortex? I had good results w/ licorice for some time, until it became clear I was retaining fluids and quit. Same w/ low dose cortef, for a short time. Adrenal glandular/cortex (I've only considered them as the same thing) helped me a lot. I used it for about 2 years, along w/ glandular hypothalamus and pituitary. (Enzymatic therapies). Detox, diet, methylation supps all contributed to my no longer needing any of the glandulars. Good luck.
  3. Mikee5


    Sorry I didn't make this clear in my post. Adrenal glandulars are the whole gland desiccated, whereas the adrenal cortex is less stimulating since it does not contain the adrenaline properties found in the outer gland. I'm not sure how this all works. I don't know of many who have fully recovered using adrenal glandular supplements though, they never seem to work. Perhaps they're more effective for people in early stages of adrenal fatigue.

    I've never heard of methylation. What type of detoxes did you do and how did you change your diet?
  4. Mary

    Mary Forum Support Assistant

    Southern California
    @Mikee5 - adrenal glandulars helped me a lot, but I'm glad the adrenal cortex helped you.

    Also, pantothenic acid might help you. It's one of the B vitamins and is crucial for adrenal health.

    Re diet: I'm sure you probably know that sugar, caffeine and alcohol are all hard on the adrenals and are best to avoid or at least limit.
  5. Mikee5


    Update: Today I took an even smaller dose to avoid the usual adverse symptoms, they were less severe but I felt no effect. I think I'm going to continue with a larger dose and hope that the paradoxical symptoms wear off a little eventually. If not, I may just have to resort to hydrocortisone (I have no idea if I'll get ever get prescription), it's essentially my last chance.

    I'd to hear from those who suffer/suffered with advanced, prolonged adrenal fatigue symptoms and have found relief or made a full recovery with hydrocortisone or adrenal cortex, as well as info on dosing etc.
  6. triskep



    I'm also suffering from adrenal fatigue, with low cortisol, but normal DHEA. I started with 2 times a day 5mg hydrocortisone and 2,5 mg DHEA every other day.

    De HC makes me feeling more calm, more at ease. So the benefit seems to me that I don't consume unnecessary energy. Also my bloodpressure is a bit lower, which is a good thing. Maybe strange, because I had to be alert for an increasing of my bloodpressure.

    Even though I am doubting to take it further, because i also have lyme. And it is very confusing to read about that topic, because sometimes you read that it is dangerous to take HC, others say you have to heal the adrenals to conquer the lyme.

    I also doubt about taking the DHEA, because I convert it to oestrogen. That is the reason I only may take it overy other day.
  7. Catjbro


    I am still suffering from stage 3 adrenal fatigue but was told by my dr that if your mitochondria has not been repaired (some people with Cfs have mitochondrial issues) that giving hydrocortisone would make you feel worse.

    Have you considered pregnenolone? It is the precursor to most hormones and will make cortisol if needed or can convert to DHEA, progesterone etc. In most countries you can buy it online without prescription but since it's a hormone would be best to work with a dr on it. Just google pregnenolone and adrenal fatigue. Let me know how u make out if you try it.
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