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Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by Vicki Cole, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Vicki Cole

    Vicki Cole Senior Member

    Can someone tell me the symptoms of acidosis. Last year I stopped taking a liquid probiotic called symprove. Initially I felt terrible on it, but then some m.e symptoms improved, namely energy levels, nausea and muscle weakness. However, after 7 months, I started to feel quite odd. I developed intense morning sweats, an intense breathlessness/anxiety type feeling in my chest in the night (not emotionally related at all). Then neurological symptoms started. Like a depersonalisation feeling and mood is very down - this isn't like me at all. I've never had depression or any other mental health issue. I have never had this before. Also, the nausea came back, and that horrible sour feeling in my mouth. Even tho I stopped the symprove this time last year, I cannot seem to improve much. I try other probiotics but they appear to exacerbate; without them, the fatigue worsens. I know I'm worse if I eat oats ect and I have evidence of hydrogen sulfide, it's so horrible. Can this be acidosis? I'm in the UK and I need help but I don't know where to turn as my gp doesn't belive in gut/microbiome problems. I'm terrified of making myself worse with other suppliments. Can anyone help? The neuro symptoms are horrid.
  2. SueJohnPat

    SueJohnPat Sue

    Medford NJ
    I thought I had acidosis also . I also did high dose probiotics . I got more energy overall felt better cfs wise but then the “ crazy “ symptoms started. I would scream and bang my head in the kitchen counters. I was aware at the time that this was crazy. Blood test found nothing in my case. I am 53 now was 51 at the time. I had no history of mental problems. In between I felt upbeat and normal.

    Called my cfs Dr Podell ( at the time) . He told me to take 1 -2 teaspoonfuls of baking soda in 8 ounces of water. If I drank this the neuro crazy symptoms would go away in 10 minutes. Or I used Alka Seltzer Gold. I also used lemon juice. I also attributed this to some kind of lactic acid buildup in my brain since the baking soda was so effective. I tried clonazepam and this had absolutely no effect at all. I always thought this might be due to overdoing it but it turned out to be environmental .

    Not sure how relevant the following is to your post but this is how I ultimately solved my “ crazy” episodes.

    I feel for you these episodes were horrible. This helped for awhile. I noticed my Neurol problems got much worse in winter. My oldest son suffered from add / depression and rage attacks .He is doing much better and all his psyche symptoms are completely gone after moving and leaving out possession behind. . His psychiatrist released him and he is now a straight A student ( after flunking for 5 years) .

    I wound up doing a “ mold sabbatical. ( Paradigm Change cfs) . Well it is now 2 years later ( we sold our home and left previous possessions behind) and I don’t get these episodes anymore UNLESS I sleep inside for too long.
    I sleep outside on a sleeping porch . I use an electronic blanket and it is not bad at all and it was below 20 degrees last night.

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