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Abnormal hair color - EBV or Myco? Combined together?

Discussion in 'Skeleton, Skin, Muscles, Hair, Teeth, and Nails' started by stigman88, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. stigman88


    At the beginning I just want to say hello to all of you!
    I'm glad that I joined to this massive community which share very helpful information about our problems that we struggle with.

    First of all I'd like to say that my language may sound a bit weird sometimes, but I'm just english-speaking man from Europe :)

    OKay, so I'll come straight to the point.

    I've been diagnosed with EBV, CMV, MYCO and BORRELIA. All of these infections have remarkable numbers in IgG class. None of them is active in IgM.

    I have very strong cell-mediated response and slightly weaker humoral response. I've been struggling with CFS syndrome since a few years and one of my symptoms is abnormal color hair. They look a bit yellowish, they are lighter and they thinner. They tend to fall out with eyebrows as well.

    When I take orally a lot amount of scullteria baicalensis I can see that this symptom just disappears. I know that baicalin is very antiviral herb but I'd like to know, what causes thinning of hair and their abnormal color.

    Have you noticed something similar?

    I attached some pics of my beard. There are some spots where hair is darker.
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  2. Eastman

    Eastman Senior Member

  3. stigman88


    No. Baicalin kills some virus or bacteria, since it's not only susceptible to baicalin but to others herbs as well. Except that something triggers my immune system and causes inflammation.

    These are test which I've done so far

    EBV EA IgG - 0.04 (0.90-1.10)
    EBV EBNA IgG - 197 U/ml (>20 U/ml positive)
    EBV VCA IgG - 89,7 U/ml (>20 U/ml positive)

    CMV IgG - more than>500,000 U/ml (>1,0 positivie)
    CMV IgM - negative

    Mycoplasma IgG - 1,01 (borderline 0.8-1.1)
    Mycoplasma IgG - 58 RU/ml (>22 positive)
    Mycoplasma IgM - negative

    HCV - negative
    HBs - negative

    Th1/Th2 Panel

    IFN-gamma 4571 pg/ml (290-1050)
    TNF - 11770 pg/ml (320-1380)
    IL-10 - 1011 pg/ml (1530-3830)
    IL-4 - 51 pg/ml (20-120)
    IL-5 - 23 pg/ml (20-95)
    IL-2 - 281 pg/ml (20-45)

    It seems like CMV is active, EBV and Myco?

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