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A Popular Diet-Science Lab Has Been Publishing Really Shoddy Research

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Art Vandelay, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay Senior Member

    Adelaide, Australia
    I found this article quite interesting.

    And of course, when there's shoddy research, there are often parallels with PACE:

    Perhaps some of the people mentioned in the article might be interested in PACE?

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  2. Mohawk1995

    Mohawk1995 Senior Member

    I am suspect initially of any research and question that of people I even trust. That should be common practice. Secondly there has to be a way of connecting the dots with the research to what is being seen. For medical research, in my opinion, that means that there has to be clinical research to back up the laboratory findings and the findings must correlate with what is seen clinically. Lastly the recommendations of the research also have to work (I know that sounds like a given) and be practical and reproduceable.

    Research data can be twisted and there is a lot of it out there that is not necessarily "shoddy" research but is not practical in any way. Meaning, "great research" but not useful. It should either be directly useful or lead to discoveries that are useful. Again I know that sounds simple minded, but you would be surprised at what "comes down the pike".

    It is a rare find indeed to locate a "teaching institution" (should be "learning institution") where there are not massive egos and politics at work. All of these filter into the research process and frequently lead to suspect results and arguments a plenty. I think Dr Lerner had it right by having his own practice affiliated with a teaching hospital. He was not trying to be all that. Just trying to help people in need. The academic environment that seems to be close to this is Stanford, but I am sure even there "people" stuff rears it ugly head.

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