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3 MTHFR Mutations, CF and Thyroid Resistance - Any help HIGHLY appreciated!

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by MAF14, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. MAF14

    MAF14 Senior Member

    I just got my 23andMe results back and am slowly working my way through, Dr Lynch's site and every other thread in this forum. In the mean time I would really appreciate any input I can get on these.

    But first some background...
    Chronic Fatigue
    Moderate depression (Prozac has made a BIG difference)
    Hypothyroidism (Elevated RT3/Low Free T3)
    -Now self medicate 100mcg T3 per day yet I can double my dose and it has no physical affects.
    Brain fog (noticeably less intelligent than I used to be)
    Eat a pretty lowcarb/high fat/high protein diet

    Supplements - Daily
    B-Complex (stopped)
    COQ 10 2-400mg
    D3 10,000iu
    Chromium 200mcg
    Magnesium 400mg
    Zinc 30mg
    Methylfolate 800mcg (just started a week ago)
    TMG ~5g per day
    NAC ~5g per day
    Glutamine 10g per day
    Curcumin w/ Bioperine 1g/5mg 2x per day

    Report Generated by GeneticGenie:

    Homozygus Mutations
    VDR Taq
    MAO-A R297R

    Heterozygous Mutations:
    MTHFR C677T
    MTHFR 03 P39P
    MTHFR A1298C

    COMT V158M
    COMT H62H
    MTRR A66G
    MTRR A664A

    Again, any help would be highly appreciated and thank you in advance!
  2. MAF14

    MAF14 Senior Member

    @caledonia, I am sorry to ask you to comment but I can't resist. The more I am trying to read the more I keep contradicting myself. If you have a moment and could give me a brief point in the right direction it would be GREATLY appreciated!
  3. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    For methylation, your supps are way out of balance. You taking quite a lot of TMG (secondary methylation pathway), a full dose of methylfolate (for many people) and no B12. Without B12 the methylfolate may or may not do anything, or it could be combining with your body's B12 stores and eventually deplete them.

    In addition the D3 seems quite high.

    Try reading the first four links in my signature, starting with the Methylation Made Easy videos. Methylation is tricky - there are a lot of nuances to getting it right.
  4. MAF14

    MAF14 Senior Member

    @caledonia Thank you.

    Since posting I've been taking both active B12's.

    The TMG/NAC doses were typos. I meant to say "1.5g".

    Since reading a bit from Freddd I have also stopped the glutamine and NAC.

    Reading every where around the site and still working on those 4 links. Thanks again!

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