Zyprexa + Abilify?

Sorry to hear about your anxiety. I know how painful that is. I too went through crippling bouts of it in 2018 and 19. I got the most help through an elimination diet. I quit eating everything except meat, veggies, seeds & nuts and slowly tested items for years. I found the worst offender to be gluten. I also get symptoms with eggs and dairy.
At first I dismissed diet as it seemed like hippie talk, but today I am able to function and before I could not. The tricky thing is that if I consume gluten or to a lesser degree eggs, it sometimes takes two, three or four days before symptoms appear. Nobody during a panic attack thinks about what they ate four days ago, which makes the link hard to put together.
I still have bouts of anxiety here and there, but I’m able to struggle through it without spinning out of control.
Other things I’ve tried are herbals to combat sibo and candida. They seem to help, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.
Hope you find relief!
Thank you for sharing♥️ I’m actually on an elimination diet atm! Following dr myhill’s protocol. If i’m lucky it will help with anxiety too.
Glad to hear that you are free from this painful thing!

Which herbals do you use? I’m about to start oxymatrine for Coxsackie.

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Which herbals do you use? I’m about to start oxymatrine for Coxsackie.
I still have problems from time to time, so I wouldn't say I'm free. Just better.

I take a ton of supplements and herbals. For anxiety I follow a sibo/candida approach. Oil of oregano, garlic, berberine, a complex called Biocidin. The usual suspects.