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[Youtube] Dr John Campbell chats to Nikk about Neuro disease after vaccine


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As far as I know the only place in the world to recognise the deaths and injuries is the EU. Since they took liability on from the drug companies they are preparing a bill for payouts for deaths and injuries. I was surprised just how many they have had of both due to vaccines. It has been nothing but propaganda in other places of the world suppressing this information.

I am mostly glad the AZ vaccine did nothing of note to me but it may just be its hard to notice over the turbulent disease state I am usually in. I'll still get my booster as covid really did a number on me and anything to reduce its impact could save my life but there are definitely concerns with the safety of these vaccines and also their efficacy. Needing boosters at 6 months is bad news, they haven't ended the pandemic even with 90% penetration of the population. Death reduction is nice but it looks like we need a better approach to beat this thing.

The bit I am concerned about is the lack of recovery for a lot of people. You have 10-100x more long haulers than covid deaths and those people are already weakened, it could kill them on a second infection regardless of vaccination status. We have no understanding or treatment for that condition, not even the recognition in medicine of it and to do something about it. With the vaccine producing a similar disease itself its all very concerning.


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About 1.5% of ME/CFS cases are triggered by vaccinations, according to one piece of research from Dr Chia, and these are vaccines of many different types (although the hepatitis B vaccine seems to be more implicated than others, according to a patient survey by Dr Charles Shepard).

So you would expect and anticipate that COVID vaccines are going to trigger some cases of ME/CFS. I don't think we are seeing anything new here.

What is interesting and new though is the fact that COVID vaccines given after the event seem to help long COVID patients improve, with greater improvements appearing from the mRNA vaccines (like Pfizer or Moderna) compared to adenovirus vaccines (like AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson). Ref: here

That suggests that the new EBV mRNA vaccine that Moderna is working on might help ME/CFS associated with EBV.

In terms of deaths following COVID vaccine, intriguingly a CDC survey found that vaccinated people were 2 to 3 times less likely to die after the vaccine, compared to unvaccinated people, and this was for all causes of death.

In the case of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the data showed that vaccinated people were 3 times less likely to die, compared to the unvaccinated, af any cause of death; and in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they were 2 times less likely to die.

This is intriguing, as these death statistics include any cause of death, including death from car accidents, death from falling off a ladder, etc. So people being vaccinated had much lower levels of death across the board, compared to the unvaccinated. It is thought this may be explained by the possibly that people who opt to get vaccines will tend to be the more careful and cautious types.


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United Kingdom
What's interesting here is that the lady seems to have either been brain poisoned or she's had some sort of immediate neurological brain damage reaction.

But logically all that could have happened is that the needle has pierced a vein and that's why she had such an odd reaction or the body simply did not like the ingredients of the vaccine and possibly in response it immediately dumped lots of metals into her blood stream (hence why she suddenly tasted metal in her mouth). Those are the only two things I Can think of. The latter because Joshua Leisk found research that if you take large amounts of magnesium the body dumps various things out into the urine (sorry I haven't got the source it was 6 months ago) - whereas if you take small doses throughout the day like @YippeeKi YOW !! does, that doesn't happen. I do know that my muscles never go into spasm anymore and I used to get that fairly regularly when stretching, it's completely vanished now.

Interesting about the pfizer and moderna vaccines, sadly it's the az data that appears to be lacking. I'd love to know how much less likely I am to end up in hospital or severely sick based on my two az vaccines, but it seems impossible getting this information. Although if anyone does have it maybe DM me, I am getting my pfizer booster in a week and would rather not relapse for 3 months if I don't need to!

Also I mention neurological brain damage above. Why? Nikki mentions in the video that she started to have issues with motor coordination and her feet were hitting each other when walking, obviously this isn't new, people have experienced this with ME. But I know that the consultant neurologist I saw did diagnostics on me for this the first time I Saw him. Back when I was fractionally less severe than I am now. So I can only assume in this case that her brain had an immediate reaction to the vaccine.

vision blue

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I was a complete masochist and listened to the whole one hour and 12 minutes. Very disurbing both on symptoms and how the med system reacted

One thing ii was struck by is i wondered if it totally messed with acetylcholine receptors as there was alot of symptons you might have with myasthenia gravis. She also got super dry which woukd be consisent and arguably vertigo since acetly choline affecte that as we'll. Messing with the receptors is something that can be imnediate - ie immediate effect on neuromuscular junction and it makes sense her reaction of weak muscles was stronger closer to the injection site.

(On a personal note ita on my radar lately because 4 weeks ago i had a reaction to eye dilation drops wihichbstarted with an immeciate odd taste in mouth followed by nausea. Then in evening headache and tinnitus started. I still gave the tinnitus and other neurql symptons. Dilating drops are an anticholebergic)

Rhey raked about the whole aspiration thing and getting a vein. Mentioned the website C19vax - shoot now i dont remember.
She waa very articulate which made it all the more painful and john cambell was great- i dont think ive heard of him

The you tube video has over 2 million views.

Anyone know if theres been any updates? It was taken 10 months after the vax

(Oddly, she was trying to get a booster shot. Whats that about????)
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