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Y-linked congenital desease ?

I have following symptoms :

1 From early childhood chronic low emotionality no gladness, impaired social interaction and communication , unwillingness to get sensations from life , unwillingness to walk from home . I don't know how to name this exactly , possibly this is mild autism or chronic fatigue syndrome . I never had friends , wife . Also I have depressions .
2 From early childhood chronic mild photophobia ( discomfort on bright light , I like to be in curtained windows room )
3. From early childhood chronic mild cheilitis on lower lip (crusts , and from early childhood to 15 years there was vertical central bloody fissure of skin of lower lip) .
4 Mild chronic conjunctivitis and blepharitis . Sensation of like the sand in eyes .

There are no other problem with my body and health . Now I am 44 . All these symptoms go from early childhood and are chronic , every day of my life , without improvement and worsening .
All these symptoms had my father , but in lower degree . My sister is healthy and has no of these symptoms . Because of that (inheritance from father to son ) , it seams to be a y-linked congenital gene defect . Possibly , a defect of energy metabolism . Light and other stimulus are too strong for low-energy neurons of brain (possibly) .

Please , if your colleagues or acquaintances recognize these symptoms or even know the metabolic cause of disease , wright .


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Hi Ferrum;

I think the protocols discussed here may be helpful to you. The emphasis is on the B vitamins, with extra B12 and Folate.

I also believe that some of the symptoms you have described may be of zinc deficiency. Males have a higher need for it than females, so the symptoms could present more strongly in them.

Some of the symptoms of zinc deficiency may include: photo-sensitivity, conjunctivitis, many skin disorders, and even mood disorders.

The B vitamins can be very effective for these conditions as well, especially , fatigue. ( Although fatigue has been proven to be the most difficult condition to treat here, and it may take many trials to treat it successfully.)

I suggest that with trying supplements, it's a good idea to be methodical and observant. Some of the amounts, dosages, required for one individual may be different than for another.

Here is a case report about zinc deficiency, and some of the manifestations of it. Some of the photos are graphic. ( caution)



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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Hi Ferrum,

Angular cheilitis is a symptom of B2 Riboflavin deficiency. This is a gross deficiency & taking a multi B will probably prolong the B2 deficiency because the other Bs will place more demands on B2. So B2 Riboflavin stores need replenishing first. This should help liver & gut function, which will improve iron & zinc metabolism which are also involved in Angular cheilitis. Coeliac disease might be an issue too.

This might take a month or so and you will start needing the other B vitamins. The ideal would be to get them all from food. This involves learning about nutrition in depth & what things cause malabsorption, blocking & depletion of vitamins & other trace nutrients. I am still learning all this & currently am looking into organic sauerkraut & raw milk Kefir...the fermented foods as an aid to digesting proteins properly. I am also avoiding Folate enriched bread as this can deplete B2 Riboflavin stores. Avoiding other added Vitamins too.

Eating Flaxseed ground or as Flaxseed oil may help your eyes. Fish Oil is also recommended by optometrists to help meibomian gland function. House dust-mite allergy can aggravate eye problems.
One of my daughters suffered Blepharitis. Had to use baby shampoo to gently clean the eyelashes/lids.
I was recently experimenting with Cod Liver Oil but after a week or so started getting angular cheilitis. Then I read that too much Vit A can cause angular cheilitis, so I am rethinking that one!

Most of us here are trying to work out the whole fatigue issue & cognitive issues. Seems a matter of trying different approaches to see what helps you. There are lots of good ideas on this forum & wonderful people willing to help. Hope you can find some answers.



Oh...a good idea is to keep a symptom diary & write down any dietary changes you may try, as well as doses of any supplements you try. One change at a time is best for seeing reactions. Start with low doses if trying supplements. Reactions to foods can be dose dependent also.
Hi Crux and Merylg ,

Many thanks for your answers and detailed advising . My symtoms are really like vitamin b2 deficiency . I tried to use riboflavin tablets and riboflavin-mononucleotid injection , but there was no result . Also I try now polyvitamin tablets ( B1,B2 , B6 , B12 , A , E , zink and many others minerans included ) , but also there is no result .

My problem is inherited and I get it from my father . Because of that there is a high probability that it is y-linked disease . I searched it in omim.org and did not found . Y-linked diseases are very rare and there is small guantity of it .

Also I read about y-linked genes now known , for example here http://www.genenames.org/cgi-bin/hgnc_stats.pl?c=y , but still have no idea which gen could be wrong . I hope to check my genes , now it is impossible , I hope in future it will be possible .

Of course if there was a man with my symptoms who already know cause , it would be my lucky chance .

Thanks one more time .


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People's suggestions above are good. It doesn't sound much like ME/cfs to me.
Whereas it could be inherited through the Y chromosome it could also be inherited through any of the other chromosomes, the half of which came from your father. Even if your grandfather had it it could come from any chromosome not necessarily Y.
You may find 23andme test useful as they give you about 1million SNPs (not all of them but alot) across all chromosomes and known medical info based on your results.