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writing letters/emails to the authorities


Senior Member

I decided some minutes ago that I should also start to annoy the authorities to take responsability for CSF/ XMRV. I just dont have any experiences with this - so I have some questions:
- is better to write letters or emails?
- is better to create your own letter or its also efficace to copy an example letter from internet (if 1 authority gets from all people the same letter is it not a problem or less efficace?)
- if you write to the some persone every month do you change your letter or is it still the same letter?
- I am from Europe so I think I would like to annoy European Union authorities (EU has 500 mil. habitants - so its also a huge potencial) - do you know if there is an european group organising a writing of letters to he authorities - I would join them

if you have some other advises for me just let me know



Senior Member
Logan, Queensland, Australia
Hi Tuha

I can answer one of your questions, I still wonder about the others myself. Letters are better than emails. They are physical - one push of a button wont delete them. Emails are easier. For a single communication, a letter is better. However, for mass impact a combination of letters, emails, meetings and phone calls would be preferable. Emails are all that many of us can do, everything else is too hard.

The create your own letter idea I think is better, but I don't know for sure. Most in advocacy would be happy for anyone to use any of their letters or any part of them: we are in this fight together, we win or lose together.

Keep changing your letters - otherwise you are only sending spam. The same letter time after time wouldl probably be automatically tossed. This doesn't mean that you can't reiterate the same key themes. I try to have at least one central them and one new for each email. I don't like reiterating without some new piece to my argument.

Only the first paragraph I am certain of. The rest is just opinion, and I am still learning myself.