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WPI / IHYD / Suzi Oravec.

Hi, I am wondering if people are aware of Suzi Oravec who is the artist performing at this years' WPI IHYD event FOR FREE. She actually made a "I hope you dance" video !!! Check it out here - she's got talent and seems to be a lovely person:
(There's a competition she entered and asked for votes on her facebook page - too bad I only just found it as it ended today. It would have been a great way to pay her back).


Senior Member
So it has already ended? I went to the video and didn't see the red heart she mentioned (on her Facebook page) in the lower right-hand corner. I did "like" her video there, but guess I am too late to vote.
When I tried it the red heart did come up (after about 15-20 seconds into the video), but my vote wasn't actually counted (I went back later and checked and the numbers were still the same). Shame.