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Worth Reading: Ken Wilber


Phoenix Rising Founder

Wow! Everyone should read this. Amazing. He seems to have recovered. I wonder how he is doing now....

It reminds me of Jason Breckenridge - a young man who died - we assume from a seizure - and unfortunately it makes me think of Andrea Whittemore, who, unfortunately, after going off of Ampligen, is apparently having alot of trouble with seizures (although hopefully not grand mal seizures).

What an intellect he has - don't even want to think what his IQ is.

I found some more info on him and ME/CFS...


Thanks to the intro to this member of our 'community'!


Moderation Resource Albuquerque
Cort, I always love his "one minute rant," from the link you posted. I have quoted it a lot! Thanks for posting a good copy of this.

Wow. This is incredibly interesting. Thanks for posting this, Cort. I did a bit a digging and found that Ken Wilber's statement on REDD was first sent out in October 2002. It seems to be based on a theory of Dr. Cheney's. I'm curious, are folks still getting tested for R-nase deficiency? How does this fit in with XMRV? This was the link with prostate cancer samples, right?
Do we know if Wilber is a patient of Cheney's?
He also mentions "harvard researchers" hinting at a retrovirus (!!) This in 2002. Do we have any idea what researcher and what retrovirus?


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Probably the Harvard research, I would guess, would be Dr. Anthony Komaroff. He's the big CFS guy. Brigham & Women's. He has a huge stable of CFS patients but he doesn't do office visits anymore, he's sort of retired from clinical and editing the medical journal for Harvard.


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Came to rather late Cort, but it's stunning and well describes the in and out of consciousness experience - and much more too. Thanks to jenbooks for the introduction. (The nature of "being" - eastern thought - is one I personally agree - nothing whatsoever to do with the pathetics of western pseudo sciences or psychos).