World's strongest MRI investigates COVID and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue impacts on the brain


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It was the first primary finding out of the outbreak in the 1950s at what is now called St Thomas' hospital where the medical staff there using XRays found the brain stem was inflamed, it is how the disease got the name Myalgic encephalomyelitis which basically means inflamed brainstem. This is a very old finding replicated. They have enhanced it with the information about myelination with the modern machinery and resolution but its a replication of one of the earliest medical findings about the disease.


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Is the 7T MRI available to the public?
I was going to say 7T is not available and only used for research, but it looks like it is available for clinical use But it's probably more expensive and used only when needed.

3T is available for patients, which is more sensitive than the commonly available 1.5T or less T. Perhaps 3T would be enough to see an enlarged brain stem.

Looks like there's even a 10.5T now (from 2018):

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Is it enlarged brainstem

curious you opinion....?

I was thinking the lower brain stem may be enlarged or exhibit high volume due to the brain dropping...(is that the word I'm looking for?)

like with Chiari, the brain stem has dropped.."forcing it downwards"

could something related to that, be why the volume is higher than controls?