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Women and Sleep


Phoenix Rising Founder
Just as in chronic fatigue syndrome women have a higher incidence of sleep problems as well. they are two times more likely to suffer from a sleep disorder and 40% of them have problems with daytime sleepiness. (They also have a higher incidence of autoimmune disease - poor things; so why do they live longer than men?).

But why? Hormones apparently are one problem - with the huge hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy and menstruation there's probably more of a chance for things to go awry.

According to this article from sleep deprivation.com women also tend to suffer more from stress and anxiety and those two things often impair sleep and stress management techniques can be very helpful in this regard.

It's just a brief article but it looks like this site may be full of interesting articles. I just came across it for the first time.



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interesting article& good sleep link-ty

extra stress and anxiety-Hmm-might have something to do with society's extra demands on us-just a thought.


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Asheville, NC
Timely article as I did not sleep at all last night, as in none! I did get up and read, and prayed. I have a lot of trouble with falling asleep since the onset of CFIDS. I was recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea so use my CPAP each night. I do not want to go the way of medicine for sleep...they are addicitve/habit forming. I agree that meditation is good before sleep....just didn't work last night! UGH


Phoenix Rising Founder
well I had two good nights of sleep in a row. One day I woke up at about seven (very unusual) and then went back to sleep until nine (unheard of). I also had a good night of sleep a couple weeks ago and have been waking up less 'unrefreshed' than usual.

Why? I think one thing is that I cut grains almost all the way out and wheat all the way out. The day I had half a sandwich I woke up with night sweats again. Since I cut out wheat and grains = night sweats are gone.

The last two nights have not been particularly good; one I had a carton of soy yogurt before bed and I know soy isn't good for me and I tossed an turned. Food definitely has an effect on me. I know that Dr. Rea says everyone with MCS has food sensitivities as well.

I'm also doing movement exercises that are slowly releasing tension in my body and I think this must help as well since I must be breathing a bit deeper.


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You are finding it hard to let go of the grains completely, hmm?

I sympathize. I don't know how many times I'd read or heard that a dietary change might help me before I really went for it. It is a hard decision to make and at first it is a bit bewildering figuring out what to eat instead.

But it is worth it in the long run. Especially when you've seen for yourself that eliminating them brings better health.

Better sleep? I am happy for you, man. :D