Woman with CFS, Brenda Eades' Body Found


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Source: Danville Register & Bee
Date: December 29, 2009
Author: John Crane

Medical Examiner confirms Brenda Eades' body found

The husband of Brenda Eades, the Hurt woman whose body was found at
Leesville Lake on Sunday, said she suffered from chronic fatigue
syndrome and had been in physical pain for four years before she
disappeared Dec. 15. 'She just ached,' Butch Eades said during a
telephone interview Monday evening, adding that Brenda Eades, 57, was
getting weaker and weaker and her medication was no longer working.
Doctors couldn?t provide an effective treatment for her illness, he


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Thanks IF, for posting this tragic story.

It makes me wonder how many others have taken this way out.

There are so many who have NO IDEA what is wrong, and nowhere to go for help, and no support in their lives... It's just such a huge huge tragedy.
After ALL these years, this condition remains so much in the dark, thanks to our clueless medical community.


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I wonder

if she was aware of the XMRV research. Sadly suicide is sometimes the only relief some of us can see as real and tangible. When all you feel is pain for so long everyone has their breaking point. So sad.:( Hopefully wherever the afterlife takes us her burden of pain is gone.


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On the Cusp of Help

how very sad...just when we may be on the cusp of help. but we've all been there, i imagine...even since october 8.

Hi RestingInHim,

I think it's sometimes easy to take for granted some of the excellent information and insight that this board provides for so many of us. I'm guessing there are many people with ME/CFS who have not been diagnosed and don't even know what they're dealing with--so never make their way to a board like this.

And for those that do have a diagnosis of ME/CFS, many probably don't have the resources and abilities to keep abreast of much that shows up here. As isolated as many of us feel, it is probably much worse for those who aren't as "tuned in" as we are.

You would think that being on a "cusp of help" would give hope to those who have become suicidal. But many likely don't even know that we've reached this hopeful juncture. It's sad to think about how desperate some become--makes me all the more grateful for having access to this board and the many ways it can offer support.

Best, Wayne