Winter Snow Storms and Adrenaline


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York, England
I was watching the weather report and thought back a couple of years when we had a snow storm. I took my daughter to school and had snow ball fights with her and her school mates for about 45 mins, two days running and never suffered a crash.

Reflecting on this I would normally crash big time, but didn’t. I can only attribute this to adrenaline and I was using it as an energy source, so never depleted my low energy supplies. Anyone got any thoughts on this? And if so, could keeping yourself in a heightened sense of excitement help fuel a life? Thanks.


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could keeping yourself in a heightened sense of excitement help fuel a life? Thanks.
My opinion is no, it couldn't. Adrenaline is wonderful stuff when needed but even with healthy people there is always an adrenaline "crash" afterwards. It's well known.

I would find that after a whole night without any sleep, I would feel so much healthier all through the following day. I could make myself feel normal -like I used to feel, by doing that. Then I'd feel my "second wind" come on after the first sleep deprivation dips which usually happened late morning but passed quickly,
And another one late that night -as if I could stay up forever. And a big part of me wanted to because I felt close to cured in that state.
Tired yes, but not sick. It was a harsh medicine to take and it worked wonderfully but it was unsustainable. Impossible.

I'd then sleep 10 hours and the following day was quite good too. But I would crash maybe on the third day and knew I'd payed a heavy price for it.

I think adrenaline is kind of the same or similar. Unsustainable and completely unliveable


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The cold could have also helped.

I have found that excitement often gets me through something but I’ll always crash in the end. Socializing is the absolute worst, because in enjoying myself so much I forget to take breaks, lie down, calm down etc and often end up sitting upright for way too long. This year I have socialized twice, each time was chatting with a friend for two hours and each time took me two months to recover from. To them I’d have looked full of energy and completely fine, I doubt they can understand why i havent seen them since.
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I also think that snowfall tends to purify the air like nothing else does. We deal with a lot of environmental toxins. Plus, we heat our homes with things like petroleum products or wood smoke and it may have been getting out in all that purified air that charged something up for you.

I had a time w/o a gas stove and then when my BIL hooked it up again, I got very ill. So no gas cooking now but I can't stop heating my home with it and come "turn of the furnace" season I always get worse. I used to think it was SAD but the SAD lights didn't help and after that stove incident, I started to wonder if it isn't because that's the time of year that we start breathing in heating fuels again.