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Win up to $400 in the ME/CFS Awareness Day Video Public Service Annoucement Contest


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Win up to $400 in the ME/CFS Awareness Day Video Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest

Posted By: Tina Tidmore via Muffin

Win up to $400 in the ME/CFS Awareness Day Video PSA Contest

From their beds and wheelchairs, many patients worked together to place the first-ever ME/CFS ad in The Washington Post. Now its time to tackle a media ad on a grander scale; video. We would like to ultimately make multiple video ads, change them up from time to time, and air them internationally as well.

To begin this process, we are announcing a contest for an ME/CFS public service announcement (15 or 30-second video). The goal is to run the ad on television stations for ME/CFS Awareness Day on May 12th.

Once again we want this to be the patients voice. We have so many talented patients, as shown by the multiple professionally-designed ME/CFS videos on YouTube. If you are one of these creative people, heres your chance to use your skills to help spread the word about the devastating effects of this illness. Lets get the truth about ME/CFS into the public.

You can help with ME/CFS advocacy, show your talents to the public and earn money for you and your charity.

If you are interested in working on a PSA to help spread the word about our illness and have some skills in video development, please contact us at advertising@mcwpa.org. We will email you the information regarding the rules and legal requirements for entering the contest including technical specifications for the ad.

Patient Vote: The patients will vote on which PSA they want to be distributed on May 12.

Prizes: To encourage the most entries possible, we are offering a prize of $400 for the winning video, $200 for runner-up and $100 for third place winner.

Bonus: An anonymous donor has offered to personally donate $100 to the winners favorite ME/CFS charity.

Have Ideas?

You can still give input on what you want the public to know about your illness at http://forum.mcwpa.org/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=306

With this contest, everyone wins.

Tina Tidmore