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Why some people seem to resist severe illness


Senior Member
I have low CD8+ cells, even after antiviral treatments. In fact, my CD8+ lymphocytes continue to decrease.:( I feel vastly better after antivirals, though, even if they didn't improve my CD8+ cell numbers.

B-12 doesn't appear to have done anything for my CD8+ cell numbers. I've taken B-12 in all its various forms, and at a variety of dosages from small to huge. I haven't been B-12 deficient in the 8 years or so we've been testing for it. Perhaps for those who are deficient, B-12 might improve CD8+ numbers.

My CD8+ deficiency appears to be recalcitrant. I'm guessing that it's either a genetic, rather than environmental, issue or some as yet unknown pathogen :ninja: is chewing up my poor CD8+ T lymphocytes.