Why doctors suggest Epa supplementation?


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I was interested in trying a DHA supplement with lower epa as it seems certain fatty acids can be good for the brain

However, I see many studies showing that fatty acid supplementation suppress nk cell activity.

I heard phosphatidylcholine can enhance the absorption of DHA, which in theory may be useful

Just curious what your thoughts are on this?

I see ME docs prescribing fish oil supplements and given that they have been shown to lower nk cell activity which seems to be common in most patients,why the recommendations

Thank you


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Big business for the doctors?
In some countries, the doctors might get some form of reward for prescribing something. Even if not, it can be an easy solution to a problem patient (one who takes up too much time): "Try taking fish oil for a year, then come back to see me."

the potential suppresses nk cell activity.
Potentially, yes, but that's at high levels of EPA and probably depends on other factors. It's not as simple as "EPA=seriously decreased NK cell activity". Most doctors are probably not familiar with the latest research findings. They're probably more familiar with the much more abundant articles pushing fish oil (without valid evidence for benefits).

As with anything related to ME, we are likely more knowledgeable than most doctors, so we shouldn't take all doctors' advice blindly.

As with any treatment for ME, you need to test it yourself and see if it provide a noticeable benefit or detriment for you. So, feel free to try a supplement with DHA and low EPA, and one with higher EPA and see which works best for you. The results may not be what you expect, since we all respond differently, and we don't have a single all-encompassing theory that will predict how you will respond to something.