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Whittemore-Peterson Institute Background


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Donated $2.55 now and $4.00 earlier this year. Lot's of little bits make one big bit.


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Interviews with Whittemore Peterson Institute on YouTube

here are some *great* YouTube videos of interviews with the major players at WPI: Judy Mikovits, Annette Whittemore (the mom of a PWC) who founded the Whittemore Peterson Institute, WPI Vice President Mike Hillerby, and Dr. Peterson. i'll list the interviews chronologically.

NEWEST: WPI interview from Oct 8, 2009

WPI interview from 2007 (video in part 1 and 2)

WPI interview from Sept 8, 2008

WPI interview from March 2009, i think (part 1 and 2)

this one is also great, also from March 2009, i think

if these clip links don't work, just go to YouTube and search for Whittemore Peterson Institute


I have created this thread to keep the excellent background info on WPI that our posters have been providing separate from Cort's XMRV resource thread.

Both are excellent, but they should be separate threads.

Cort's post is best locked for him to edit. If anyone has additional info, please PM him and he will add it.

And yes, WPI looks to be the best hope for us as a charity right now. If I have extra money, I'm going to spend it on WPI donations as opposed to blowing yet more cash on speculative treatments not backed by research.


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Research money

I am ignorant of these matters, but I have always wondered why all the researchers cannot pool their money somehow. I guess because they all disagree with each other!

Maybe now everyone can be on the same boat with this and at least pool some energy and talent.

I know that the IACFS/ME has been stalwartly keeping hope and research alive for years now and I am so grateful to them as well as to the WPI.

Also, I have been told that the Japanese have literally been pumping millions into their own research into various elements of "fatigue science". Perhaps they can help carry on with this new breakthrough as well. They are well-represented within the IACFS/ME as well.


Made my donation

I made a donation. It hardly compares to what I have spent and lost due to this terrible disease that everybody has ignored for so long. But it is a start!

This organization has it together from what I can tell based on the parents putting their own money to work trying to help their daughter. Go figure they are the first to discover this virus! I feel good about putting my money to work with this organization and want to give them the moral support as well.

This is just what we needed! maybe some of us wil get out lives back.....