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White House Petition: Utilize part of the $1-billion granted toward the opioid epidemic to help the


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Concord, NH
chronic pain pandemic in America.

via US Pain Foundation:

In response to my recent OpEd about uniting the pain community together, I am proud of one our Ambassadors, Jeannette Rotondi, for putting this petition together. It calls upon President Obama, asking that a portion of the $1 billion allocated toward the opioid abuse epidemic be utilized to help the chronic pain pandemic, through funding for improved prevention, treatment, research, provider and patient education and public awareness.

Now is our turn to take tangible action! Sign this petition and SHARE with as many people as possible, encouraging them to sign and share as well. In order for the White House to review this request, we need 100,000-signed signatures in 30 days.

Additionally, look for more action items from U.S. Pain over the next few days regarding making change for all of us in the pain community.

Read the Petition here: