Which mind/body method is best


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And in case there is someone like me.........."Meditate???? Me???? Yah, right!!!!"

I participated in a Women's Wellness Day. Participants chose workshops. At one time slot, there was nothing I was interested in. The lesser of all evils was a workshop on meditation......yah, right.

So, I went. Sat on a hard chair, this was held in classrooms at a local college, and listened to the presenter, half heartedly by the way. I was cold also.

Then she put on a CD and told us to "get comfortable." I draped my upper body over the desk. The music started...I do like music...and most kinds of music....

What I thought, the presenter was standing over my shoulder telling me it would be OK, open my eyes???? I was sitting at the back of the room by the way.

Oh my gosh, did I cry out and did not know it???? Reluctantly I opened my eyes.... she was not beside me, she was still sitting in the same spot in the front of the classroom.

I have never had that happen..... the music.....Jennifer Berezan's "Returning." I have given this CD to many folks who do body work, reflexologists, Reiki, massage therapists, etc. Each one of them has a story to tell about doing body workk on a client and that CD. I work with folks in the water and use the CD and also have "stories."

If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone.



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There is actually an EFT DVD in my online queue at Blockbuster. Either they don't have many or it's in big demand. I've been waiting a long time. So I will see this eventually.
Hi Andrew! :D

I just saw this thread today. If you are still waiting on the EFT dvd you can get most of the info you need to start from youtube. :Retro smile: For me, I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Introduction to be very helpful when I was learning. It really depends on who you can connect with while they are describing it because some people seemed to turn me off to the idea of EFT while others made it look viable.

Just try a few till you find someone who you don't mind watching and following along with them.

I've been doing EFT off and on since last August. I'm fully self taught from a couple videos on youtube, some helpful pdfs on the ins and outs, and experimentation on my part to see what works for me. Its really about what you put into it. The more you are willing to commit, the more you will get back from it.

Some people find it helpful to see a practitioner in the beginning but honestly, it would be good if you got stuck but I'd give it a go for a while on your own first and see what happens.

Last week I came across this manual on EFT: You CAN Heal with EFT

It breaks things down pretty well and has a really good section on what to try if you get stuck. Found it a lot easier to read than the one from the main EFT website run by Gary Craig, emofree.com. I don't want to be picky here, but honestly... emofree??? Come on, couldn't they have picked a less.. emo sort of name for it? Oy, makes me always think of boys with long bangs who are some what androgynous and follow all the indy bands. :Retro tongue:

Anyways, I would suggest downloading one of the manuals from either place, or both even, and reading through them. Especially read the section in the linked one called "Why aren't I a one minute wonder?" It talks about how while there are some people who experience the amazing healing of a lifelong phobia (or other problem) with only a minute or two of EFT, in fact more often than not these are the exceptions to EFT and not the rule.

EFT does take work and commitment to see good results. It also takes a strong willingness to accept whatever comes out in your emotions and memories, the good and the bad, because otherwise a person would be likely to hit a lot of brick walls with it that would make things fairly ineffectual.

For me, I've had it work a lot of good already and have recently begun a journey down a path that I suspect will bring about a very surprising amount of healing. It can be a tool that teaches you an enormous amount about yourself if you are interested. It can take all the bite and sting out of decades old memories that make you tremble with fear just in the thinking of them or ruin a day because of a dream about something from 20 years ago.

Last September I did about a hour of work on a set of still sore and haunting memories from growing up with a very bad stepfather. I would be caught with nightmares about him at least once a month and couldn't even speak his name without great trouble. Had a lot of relief from using EFT that one afternoon in the sun and have not had a single nightmare about him since. In fact, over time my dreams of him have changed to the point where I actually had one two months ago in which he played the hero, just as a father is supposed to in a child's life. I find myself sometimes referring to him by name, it just pops out in place of my normal more colorful name for him.

It amazes me that even after six months I am seeing new things show up that signify a change in my life from that one afternoon.

Just over a month ago I started using it daily for small things, sorta warming my skills up. Starting last week I've embarked upon a new road with EFT and am seeing some really interesting and promising results. It started after I read this story from Jo Hainsworth and her experiences with healing some lifelong food allergies with EFT. She also healed 20 years of CFS and MCS with EFT as well by using these same methods described in the linked article.

If you find you have trouble speaking aloud or just feel foolish doing so, just think what needs to be said while tapping and do it silently. I rarely speak aloud with it, even while alone. If you use reiki at all, you can use that energy at the tap points with your finger tips instead of actually tapping - seems to have a lot more kick to it like this too though the other way works well also.

But most importantly, be open minded. And if you find that in starting out you feel like its silly or won't/can't work - tap on that first. Then keep on tapping for it, do it for a minute or two everyday like this until the skepticism has mostly passed. Do this again anytime it pops up anew. :Retro wink:

Lastly, there was some talk of meditation here. I find it very useful to meditate for 5-20 minutes before doing the EFT. It helps center me, quiets my nervous system and mind, and makes it all go much easier. Seems in my case, when my mind and body are not calm then its like swimming up stream against a slow current - you'll get there eventually but its a lot harder.

I hope this book helps! Ghetto EFT rocks and I highly recommend it. :victory:

hugs, Lisa :Retro smile: