Which inflammation markers should I/we get checked for?


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For what purpose? I'm not aware of any treatment that can be prescribed based on inflammation markers, or really any other markers. There just don't seem to be any definite ME treatments to be prescribed based on test results. Given how contrary ME seems to be, if a test did suggest a certain treatment based on theory (ie. "Drug x will treat elevated IL-8"), it probably has a 50% chance of working the opposite way.

Annoying contrary adaptive ME. :grumpy:


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The findings on the immunesystem have been not too consistent, so there is little chance to get anything out of it in a single case. Roughly speaking, in tendency we are in a low inflammation state. If I remember correctly, TGF-beta has been shown most often to be significantly enough elevated, in 63% of the studies. Sorry for not having the reviews at hand, one has been published only recently and is open access (maybe I can manage the next days).