Whey protein and dextrose (glucose) reduced my CFS induced headache by more than half.


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I couldn't tell you the exact mechanisms but all I know is these two your body is depended on them for all their functions especially proteins which are amino acids structures that form other things like hormones, enzymes etc including glucose itself. My mood gets improved and my mouth taste and smell gets better. I take 2-3 teaspoon of it in my mouth and it lasts all day. Other nutrients like B vitamins can BARELY FUNCTION at ALL without them.

And the protein I get about 100 gram of it mixed with water. if the taste is bad just put some fruit juice it it to hide the taste. When I go off the headache comes back strong in like 2 days.
I also will be adding some fatty acids like omega 3 and 6. If you have no blood protein or stored your body cant even do anything effectively at all but youd be dead by then most likely . and more energy ofc. i take them together. How can I make my own protein /amino acid injection solution at home for intra use? i have strong feelings about this. Amino acid separate as proteins in blood then form together again differently to form hormones etc in body

To make an injectable form you need PURE powder no excipients or fillers (including
flavors, colorings and sweeteners,), including taste. If it has those it will not dissolve in water. BAC water which contains alcohol is needed to dissolve some proteins as some will not dissolve in water but others will. BAC water is a combo of alcohol and pure water. Saline or sterile water will not do. Preferably a powder as a pure liquid one needs a lot more.

All the protein amino acids work together. for example carnitine can't work without the other amino acids same with coq10. cant believe it took me so long to get it. you have to take it before wont work effectively as during or after or at all etc some things other not depends on.

How can I make my own injectable protein? Can I just mix BAC water with pure whey protein powder and it will work and heat it up to dissolve or somth? Or is it more complicated than that? I want to get the amino acids in my system effectively as I have gut issues. I know some proteins don't dissolve easily in plain water which BAC water contains small amounts of alcohol which dissolves things well. Also the purest proteins I find contain some flavors, colorings and sweeteners. Wouldn't that count as filler ingredients? But they claim it is pure powder. What product can dissolve everything? Can alcohol dissolve those fillers separate them from the proteins? Otherwise they'd be injected with the protein intact with the fillers and it would leave the body that way and never be used. Can I mix it with some type of acid like vitamin C to break them off each other or would ''PURE'' digestive enzymes work (unless they also contain excipients), any advice? fats (lasting energy) and carbs (shorter energy) are mainly just energy sources while proteins is mostly used for as an building block for the body. if its not naturally found in the body or pure nutrients it will count as an filler. s not naturally found in the body or an essential nutrient so your body will see it as an filler, meaning it has to be broken down. If it only the pure essential nutrients it wouldn't need to be broken down. But the light root is now attatched to the other ingredients
Fillers by definition are there to bulk up a product to get it to weight, our mixing agents are there to ensure the product is consumable
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