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Where do everyone upload their raw data?

Hi everyone

At last I have completed the 23andme saliva test and the first data seems to hit the dashboard.

So where do everyone upload their raw data?

I know about following:

Genetic Genie

Are the others?

and now where should I go for a complete easy to use analysis of my raw data?
I was so curious I had to check 1 specific snp the mthfr C677T, if I interpreted it correctly it was GG = -/- and that's a good thing according to snpedia, so normal on that one.

Would love to read where you recommend uploading the data.

Hoping to use a good tool tomorrow


West Australia
I just used Genetic genie. Makes life easy for getting the main SNP's that concern us.

It's such early days for SNP research, one is likely to just scare and confuse oneself needlessly on Promethease.
It's comprehensive, but a tad daunting for laymen.
I did that too just now. I was so tired yesterday I did not want to start anything until today.

Got my results now, going to start a new thread.

Thanks :)


Senior Member
I did genetic genie but it only gave me a handful of snp's so I ran Stirling's mthfr support app. Gave me many many more but snpedia is kind of lame. I click on the rs link and it tells me that so many Asian farmers developed lung disease. Really?How is that helpful to a Caucasian teacher? I'd rather that these apps spell it out for us. I don't have the hours in the day or patience to spend 10 hrs at the computer trying to make this make sense. For $20 I'd expect a summary. There has to be somewhere where we can post our info and have help interpreting it.