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What ME/CFS based YouTube channels would you recommend?


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I randomly came across Conor Hope's inspiring YouTube channel today and that got me thinking about all the ME/CFS based YouTube channels out there that I've also been missing out on.

I would really love to hear your favorites! :)


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Drs. Jacob Teitelbaum and Sarah Myhill have some excellent content. Not CFS/ME specific channels per se though. The Optimum Health Clinic's Channel has helped me a lot.


What do people think of Raelan Agle? I've watched a lot of her stuff and never found any of it useful. And I find it suspicious that basically all of her videos basically come to the same conclusion, that it was all a psychological / mindset issue and that brain retraining is the key to getting better. Personally, that stuff has done absolutely zero to improve my symptoms and I consider good mental health to just be one of several key factors that need to be in place in order to put the body into a healing state. I wonder if she's cherry-picking who she puts on, or what.

Also, beware of Miguel Bautista. You've probably seen his videos, which are ubiquitous on youtube. They are basically just ads for his brain retraining program and never actually teach you anything useful. His information is not reliable. He is not a qualified expert, and I'm not even convinced he actually had CFS/ME. Notice that he never talks about PEM, the hallmark of the disease. You can read testimonials on Reddit of people he has ripped off. His program is a scam, it is absolutely not worth the money according to several people who have paid for it. What's even more insidious is that he basically pays the people in his program $300 a month to do recovery videos that promote his program. If anybody references Miguel Bautista's brain retraining program while claiming to have recovered from CFS/ME, everything they say is suspect.
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@Arius I’ve watched Raelan Agle’s content a few times, but found it useless. It just made me feel upset so I stopped lol. Her guests experiences w this disease seemed so different to mine, I couldn’t relate at all. Only watched like 3 recovery story videos though, but didn’t learn anything useful.


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This is everything I have on Youtube that I think is relevant to ME/CFS patients (and a few for Covid Long haulers). I have highlighted with bold some I think are really worth looking at their past videos and following as the future content is likely very relevant and in some way actionable.

Action for ME
Advocacy group

ANZMES https://www.youtube.com/@anzmesvideos9572
Medical company

Bateman Horne Center
Medical company

Broken Battery

Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Talks on metabolism and cellular processes

Dr Been Medical Lectures
Doctor talking often about papers related to Covid quite often but other things too

Fight 4 ME

Gez Medinger
Covid Long hauler Doctor, has a book, runs questionaire studies and has been interviewing researchers.

ME Association
UK Advocacy group

ME/CFS Alert
Does interviews all about ME/CFS with sufferers and researchers

MECFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford
Ron Davis appears on here often

Open Medicine Foundation
Ron Davis appears on here often

Physics Girl
A severe Long Covid sufferer, channel is mostly physics but a few updates on here about her ME/CFS.

A PhD (not medical) doing self experiments on ME/CFS after a group of sufferers found Antibiotics caused temporary remissions. Half woo sometimes very interesting, sceptic hat required.

Advocacy group (sometimes very problematic they are in bed with NIH)

The ME Action Network
Advocacy group

Thomas DeLauer
A food and exercise is medicine guy mostly about loosing weight. He is interesting because he talks about papers on metabolism and things you can eat or supplement that change metabolic processes.

UK Covid-19 Inquiry
Interesting for Covid and Long Haulers victims and highlights the sufferer experience. Presumably will end soon since its started module 4 which is the final one (on vaccinations and treatments).

Vlad's ME Diary
A sufferer