What is best antibiotic(s) for E Coli in nose?


I have very stubborn ESBL producing E Coli in nose. Had several courses of antibiotics according to bacteria culture test sensitivity table. E Coli went away for, aprox, one week after the treatment and then came back. I believe it causes a lot of CFS issues. Please tell if there are any advanced schemes on treatment of such type of bacteria.

Table shows sensitivity to carbapenems, co-trimoxasole, nitrofurantoin... . Was using carbapenems for treatment, but it helped only temporarily.


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Can you show all antibiotics that were tested? Do you have symptoms caused by the bug or is it just there?

Normally, therapy of chronic infections do take a longer time because of persister bacteria and even biofilms. For example in chronic prostatitis you say at least 4-6 weeks of antibiotics and even this often doesn't eradicate the bug.

When it comes to the nose or upper respiratory tract, I think inhaling with essential oils would also be a good try.