What if we do a "poor man's" home test for tryptophan, such as this?

I posted my story(issue) a couple of years ago, and I posted it after reading that Phair was looking into the IDO theory. As I mentioned in my thread(will post at end), it rang a bell for me because I had been up kynurenine specific to my issues, and that is because I have left a blue ring in a commode for decades(in my story). A very seasoned biochemist once told me that it sounded like indoles, so I read all I could on it with my limited understanding. I did conclude it had to do with tryptophan. I read that there are genetic reasons(Blue Diaper Syndrome) that has to do with how tryptophan is broken down(?) in the small intestine, then the metabolites are excreted in the urine. When these metabolites are exposed to air, they turn blue. I doubt I have this genetic issue, but could plausibly see this pathway being relatable to my blue-ring issues.

So, if we really do have something causing a problem with our tryptophan handling in our body, and I know I have blue show up in urine left to sit for about 8-12 hours, why can't some of you try this at home?? I can say I don't always get a blue ring, but maybe 20-30% of the time. I'm attaching a simple chart explaining the issue where indigo blue is the result of an issue with the pathway.

Any thoughts? And here is my original post.


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My kynurenine issues seem to be brain-only. My guess is your chart is about TRP not being catabolized properly in the body, maybe before tryptophan oxidase or indole oxidase do their work. My problem seems to be further down the pathway, with more neurotoxic kynurenines being produced.