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What Happened to the Girls in Le Roy


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Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
Ever get the feeling that if Weasel gets "probed" by aliens, they stick it up his nose? :p

FILM AT 11!!


waaaaay to easy to dismiss things as "mass hysteria", sigh, lazy, that's what it is
smell's the most powerful memory/emotion effector for such things, so in many cases (liek say in factory/scohol and intense short incidents, not like this one) I'd bet, folk have smelled something too faint ot notice conciously, but subconciously they do
from toxic gas to pheremones
other times, it maybe food poisoning, or who knows what, that those with $$$ just want to go away
doesn't matter to them if the incident is seriously harmful, or just caused panic, they just want it to go away because...
"If you want to make enemies, try to change something"



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U.S., Earth
Oh shit. :bang-head:

Here we go again.

Almost a full ten years after this sad outbreak of Pediatric Acute-onset Neurological Syndrome (PANS) in the small town of Le Roy, there are new accusations of PANS being "mass hysteria". I had really hoped that new social awareness of PANS might have changed the landscape but the only thing that has really changed is that ten years ago this "mass hysteria" was mockingly referred to in the media as "the Facebook disease", and now the media is mockingly referring to PANS as "the TikTok disease":

For those who don't know, PANS is a serious infection-triggered neurological disease that occurs in outbreaks. You can learn more about it in this discussion:

A Boy, His Brain, and a Decades-Long Medical Controversy