What can stool tests reveal with regards to FTM treatment?


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I’ve seen a number of tests that people are having in preparation for FTM treatment, and I was wondering what exactly is revealed in these tests that confirms whether people go ahead with the treatment? I’ve not had a comprehensive stool analysis with regards to getting a gut profile, but my gut is so central to my illness that it seems I should probably get one anyway...despite having somewhat figured out what triggers me and a probiotic that helps..so will these test just reiterate these things or could they offer me more valuable info? I currently manage my illness, but live on a tightrope with regards to getting ill again. In fact it has been a recent relapse, owing to Hand-sanitizer ingestion (i suspect), that has kind of forced me into looking into some other things therapies (thus the FTM).

p.s a test I was looking at was the kyberkontakt pro one - https://www.mikrooek.de/en/laborato...ommunity/microbiota-diagnostics/kyberkompakt/

p.p.s I have ME/CFS
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