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What can infect a person?


Senior Member
Hi people, I need some ideas. There have got to be million things but I'm looking for some of the most likely.

There can be virus, bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, industrial poisons and chemicals(is there any we to test for a whole lot of these?)

Any other ideas?

Most things foreign to the body, it will usually purge by itself right? Well what is something that could get in probably by the digestive tract that the body may have trouble getting completely rid of?
Well with M.E. we seem to have a broken immune system with decreased NK cells and other abnormalities. Then we cannot get rid of "common" viruses like HHV-6, HHV-7, EBV, and plenty more. Some M.E. patients have a chronic stomach enterovirus, chronic Lyme, etc.

Also methylation is a big concern to many of us. It is common for us to have genetic abnormalities in our methylation cycle so that we are unable to detoxify the same as other people. Some people feel much better when they compensate for their personal defects (identified by a genetic test). There is a whole forum on methylation here.

Some of us have a damaged gut lining, so we absorb nutrients poorly and we have deficiencies or imbalances. Usually we have hormonal imbalances, adrenal problems, etc.