What are your effective strategies for various infections/immune system?


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I came to the conclusion, that this is key for chronic fatigue. Parasitic, bacterial, viral, fungal infections are so wide spread, that they cannot be ever fully prevented almost. I am thinking about two ways, lowering the infections and strenghening the immune system / GI tract.

For me I have found the following: black fermented garlic was very helpful for me in keeping infections down. Vitamin D, Zinc, lamp, IF.

Especially the black garlic helped me feel alot better.
But I am considering further strategies. Ivermectin maybe for parasites. And since my father has funghi in his toenails, I think I do have them systemically aswell, so I wanted to remedy that aswell.

What are your experiences positive or negative? There is a wormwood complex, but I don't know how well I could tolerate it. It has all the typically recommended ingredients for parasites: https://de.iherb.com/pr/now-foods-green-black-walnut-wormwood-complex-2-fl-oz-59-ml/591

For fungal treatment I am still unsure except diet changes, what strategy would be good. Funghi can be stubborn.


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Vic, AU
Just a few things I have picked up lately to consider, the NAC glycine combo, I think glycine has especially helped me physically in improved body composition/strength but also in supporting soft tissue. Both of these are precursors to glutathione and are going to help in cellular/immune support. On top of this I almost daily use red/near infrared light therapy as well which is also going to help support your ATP/cellular function and soft tissue as well.

Other things I am playing with as well at the moment are mushroom extracts, liking Reishi and Cordyceps while also foraging some local saffron milk caps and eating fresh, about to enter another cycle of lions man as well. Feel like these are definitely helping support my nervous system, cognition and mood. Have become totally addicted to the subject and hobby at this point, only wish I was better to get out foraging more, hopefully can start growing my own as well soon.

Have also been making a hot turmeric drink lately, the powder has a few things in it including ginger, I add in some extra cinnamon and some milk chocolate for taste.

And breath work each day, I have adapted Wim Hof style breathing to be more gentle and para-sympathetic. Hoping to do some ice baths again soon hopefully after a bad 12 months.