What are the best things against mycotoxins/funghi?


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I am suspected to have some form of funghi and this is a wide spread issue for ME/CFS.

Did any of you research this and can recommend what's the best way to go? Would a course of prescription medicine be a good start?

I already do IF, the regular immune supplements like Vit D, C, Zinc etc. Looking for more effective means to ideally erradicate the funghi completely. Heard Itraconazol is one prescription variant that is anti-mycotic.

Dr.Myhill has suggested a few things, but they are too many, I can't do them all of course, so I'm asking for best, most effective specific recommendations from funghi experienced members.

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I would go for the herbs on this one. I'm pretty sure boron has had a strong antifungal effect in me. So strong that I'm going to have to ease my way into it. There's also caprylic acid, oregan oil, GSE, pau d'darco, etc.

Detoxing mycotoxins is another matter. There's plenty on the forum about it.