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What are some good natural pathogen removers?


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I already do the standard immune system supporting things like Vitamin D, Zinc, Multi etc. so these aren't what I'm looking for.

Are there other good ways to support the body to remove any pathogens like bacteria, viruses, parasites etc? I'm looking at collodial at the moment. Topically it worked for me for reducing acne, so I'm looking to give it orally a try to see if it can also be as good as some claim.

I once tried a wormwood combination for parasites, but I had terrible side effects I couldn't bare, so I quit. I already did Probiotics and Kefir for a while.

Are there other good supplements with low sides to generally reduce the pathogenic load in the body? Thinking about sodium bicarbonate baths for example or any others?

Background: Had a few intimate affairs back pre covid and I think I might have contracted some pathogens. (STD tests negative)
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Do you mean only in your gut or in your whole body?

I take Carvacrol softgels occasionally. Carvacrol is useful in suppressing subpathology of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses. But it's also a cytokine booster, so there can be some sorts of "Herxheimer reaction" (which isn't the fitting term btw).

Lactoferrin is another option, also useful against COVID-19. As a broad-spectrum cytokine agonist, it can also normalize cytokine levels (to a limited degree).

As a therapeutic option, Vitamin D has to be taken in high doses (5000-10000 IU per day).


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New Mexico
There's lots of natural anti-pathogen supplements. Cats Claw, Licorice root, Lemon Balm, Oregano oil, Olive leaf, L-lysine, Monolaurin, propolis, goldenseal..........to name a few.


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Ventura, CA
Check out Stephen buhners books for herbal anti viral and antibiotics, to give you a start japanese knotweed, cyrptolepis, sida acuta, cats claw, andrographis, houttuynia, Chinese skullcap, and alchornea all have potent activity as antimicrobial for either viruses, parasites or bacteria. But they function in different ways and some are more potent as antibacterial, where as other are more strongly anti viral.