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Western New York doctors


I used to be a patient of Dr David Bell in Lyndonville until he retired. Since then, I have found 2 other CFS doctors in WNY.

1. Sanford Levy, MD - http://www.sanfordlevymd.com - 5110 Main St, Suite 101 Amherst NY For appts - call 867-4114. Dr Levy is a holistic practitioner and follows Dr Teitelbaum's CFS protocols. He does not accept insurance. Charges are $180/hr. He is very knowledgeable about CFS. I have been seeing him for the past 2 years or so.

2. Ronald Santasiero, MD - http://www.sedonaholistic.com/ - He also does accupuncture. He accepts insurance including Independent Health. I just had my first appt with him and he seems very knowledgeable on CFS. He spent an hour with me on the first appt and gave me a list of tests and treatments for me to research and then decide which ones I would like to try. Some of the things I'm looking at are Myer's cocktails, IV Glutathione, Low dose naltrexone, and Alcat lab testing for food allergies.

I feel that both are excellent doctors. Good luck!