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Phoenix Rising Founder
Welcome to the new ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) Forums from Phoenix Rising. They are one in a series of planned additions to make the website more interactive and more useful.

These are not your ordinary forums. Produced by VBulletin - the top forum producer on the internet - they provide a package replete with sophisticated options combined with a rock-solid reputation for reliability. Some of the things you can do in these forums include sending private e-mails to other forum participants, provide attachments, create your own private forum groups, send e-mails to friends, create your own polls, create photo albums, contact lists, produce your own blogs (coming soon), keep track of your posts from your own profile page, punch events into a calendar, and learn about forum topics simply by hovering over them.

Plus VBulletin's first major overhaul in years will soon turn the forum package into a content management system allowing participants to easily drop news packages, video's and other types of media directly into the forums and more.

We're just getting started on the forums - we're learning with you as we go along. Stick with us as we learn how to maximize this powerful package and ask your friends to join as we build these forums into a powerful communication outlet for ME/CFS issues. If you have any suggestions or want to get involved more directly we'd love to hear from you. E-mail me anytime at 512Phoenix@gmail.com.

We'll soon provide you with a how-to package on using these forums. For now though, please dig in and get these forums started.

These forums absolutely would not have happened without 'Aftermath's' prodding. A forum owner and ME/CFS patient he has long been perturbed at the poor quality of the ME/CFS forum packages. Much thanks to him for coming to me and prodding me to provide a better forum package and then helping me get it on the site.

Yours truly,

Cort Johnson (owner of Phoenix Rising at aboutmecfs.org)