Weird symptoms by Sandy Johnson


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Turbocharged colds

Haven't read the whole of this thread so forgive me if it's been covered already or if it isn't weird enough. :)

I never catch colds (10 years+ and counting). My sensitivities are all environmental and food and presumably they're tuned way to that side of TH1/TH2 because I can feel it immediately when the exposure happens. This is actually a blessing and probably what enables me to manage things as well as I do by avoiding all triggers.

To be more precise, actually I do catch colds, but they typically last about an hour or two; only twice they lasted almost 24 hours when the people I caught them from had something really nasty for a week or more (like the one a few months ago that a few friends had and thought might have been H1N1). I feel it coming on within an hour or two of meeting the person I catch it from, and a few times I've even retrospectively confirmed these observations by checking with somebody that they have just had a cold and what the order of symptoms was; the same order as what happened to me but compressed from days to hours. I can be fairly sure of all this because I only leave the flat for a few hours once or twice a week so I'm aware of all my possible exposures.

In other words, it really seems to me that I just process the cold really, really fast. I think of it as being because my immune is permanently primed and ready and thus deals with the slightest infection before it gets chance to get anywhere.

Anybody relate to all that?