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Weird Sensation on left side of Torso or Waist Area …

It is so weird. Absolutely no pain. Not numb or anything. If I move or massage it or don’t think about it almost feels like it goes away. As I am typing this I do not feel it at all. It actually might be right waist more to the back area than the front area and probably closer to ribs.

When I do feel it because it has been coming and going, it just feels like there is slight sensation there on my side. Kind of like where your love handles would be but maybe closer to my back. I told a Doctor about it today and he said he wouldn’t worry about it unless a rash appeared on it or something.

Maybe it is like a nerve feeling or something. It is so weird. Has anyone else had anything like this? Is it just because I am getting old and some parts of the body feel different than other parts sometimes. Doesn’t feel like anything critical at all, it just bothers me when I think about it I guess.

I did for like two days research a lot of stuff for school and I sat in my chair weird for a long time so that may have something to do with it.

I went to the gym today and went swimming and when I move I do not feel it, but like I said while I am typing now I do not feel it but I am sure it will come back to nag me.