Weight loss after taking B12 and Folat (5-MTHF)

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask.If not, please just ignore my question...

I startet to take B12 (1000 µg) an folate (400 µg) in April this year. After 15 years of trying various things this is the first time some of my symptoms changed / disappeared. So I think I am open the right track somehow. I always suspected a MTHFR-Mutation that was responsible for most of my symtoms.
My problem right now is: I am loosing too much weight since I am taking B12 and Folate. I need to eat so much more (almost twice as much) than before I took the supplement just to keep my weight. It's at a point where I have to constantly remind me of getting rich, fatty food - although I am not hungry.
No other parameter / habits changed (sports, job, stress).
Otherwise I feel perfectly fine.

Has anyone experienced the same? Or knows the reason?
It seems as if there was a real metabolism boost since I took the supplement.

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.



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A week or so ago I posted a link about a discovery about how fat cells 'talk' to the brain, and vice-versa. That means that weight change could be due to neurological changes, rather than metabolic ones. The body's functions are so interconnected that it's difficult to determine how a factor, such as supplements, has an effect.

Lots of people would think that having to eat some extra rich, fatty food is not something to complain about. It's much easier to deal with than weight gain, especially since most PWME can't simply exercise more.

One more thing, changes in ME may not last long, so this change could just be temporary. If the weight loss continues for a long enough time, you can think about how to deal with it. The benefits of the supplements also might disappear fairly quickly (all too common with ME treatments), so you may have no reason to continue the supplements. I recommend giving it time.

In the meantime, enjoy your fried chicken and donuts! :yum: